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Congratulations! You are going to have a baby! Welcome to Health and Freedom Midwifery Care. Our Midwives provide complete care from conception through delivery, as well as limited well woman care. We believe that every family benefits when the parents are able to make informed choices. Under our care, we are available to you. You may call us whenever you have a need to. We accept pregnancies at any stage, but prefer to start as early as possible to better prepare you for an at home birth. We are sure you have questions and we have the answers to guide you. 
 Whether this is your first baby or your tenth, or you desire to have vaginal birth after Cesarean, our Midwives can prepare you appropriately to give birth at home while minimizing intrusive procedures and giving you a safer birth experience. Please review the information on our website and then give Chris Duffy a call for your free consultation. We will be happy do discuss our midwifery care from pre-natal care to post birth care. Of course, our initial consultation is free
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