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Hypnosis and NLP Manchester and Central London
Hypnosis and NLP Manchester and Central London

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Stomach Pain to Success! Hear how I naturally beat the bugs and #Acidreflux    

So this past 7 days for me have been stomach misery. It came out of the blue seemingly from nowhere. I have been working long hours and for me - not taking as much care of myself as I usually do. My body paid me back for it. I thought I'd share some of the remedies and techniques I used and explain how it can help you.

After a bout of what I thought was a bug, I realised I was getting massive acid reflux. It was affecting my sinuses as the acid reflux must have travelled during the night I'd wake with a sore face and aching sinus and shoulder blade pain.

The condition worsened over the next day or so, creating lethargy and pain. It meant I couldn't do much and had to cancel client hypnotherapy sessions and rearrange my whole week which was unfortunate. I couldn't eat anything without feeling poorly shortly afterwards. I was fine when I didn't eat and only drank water but if I did, then I would suffer for the next hour or so. I could't go on like that.

Here's what I did! I changed how I thought about being sick: As an #NLP   #Hypnotherapist trained in Time Line Therapy through the MCPA, I know that making changes with the unconscious mind was going to be massively beneficial. I did Time-Line Therapy and self hypnosis on myself and 'undid' my body's predisposed acceptance of the condition. I also used 'Havening' on how I felt about it and released some emotion and frustration and as Havening and 'amygdala depotentiation therapy,' also makes chemical changes in the brain producing serotonin (a lot of which is created in the stomach) and oxytocin, it made big chemical and positive changes to how I was feeling about it. 

I then got out the big guns and applied my Deta Elis Device (I've included a picture of the Deta Elis RITM) DeVita AP - a frequency device on #Helicobacter pylori - this bacteria can be the culprit in stomach acid and ulcer formation. The device donates lots of the same frequency as the the bacteria and the bacteria absorbs it to the point were it then explodes, (much in the way a glass absorbs sound frequency when an opera singer shatters a glass) I used the DeVita device and then a 'drainage' setting to finally help rid my body and lymphatic system of the waste. Within two days I am up and about and eating well. i am alkalising my body eating lots of green veg and a small amount of animal protein which I am considering cutting out for a week or two to help my stomach heal. 

I finally used my Quantum Wave Laser which is a cold laser Low level laser setting on 'Still Point ' protocol and unwind and stomach setting. i also used the Psoas muscle setting. This muscle can affect the stomach and runs from the spine down to the tops of the thighs as I felt this area was being affected. The Laser has violet light, red and infra red diodes and unwinds stress in the cells and donates light photons to the mitochondria in the cells which energises and brings them up to healthy vibration. It's very relaxing and I could tell was claiming inflammation in my stomach and relaxing me, reducing pain. see the laser at my link here

If you'd like to know more about how I can help you, please contact me on 0161 949 8182 or visit the website I treat clients in London and manchester and for therapy via Skype too.

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Hi Welcome! You can now book 30 minutes FREE to chat with me to book a session. see

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#stagefright #hypnosis therapy and coaching for actors eliminate stage fright, nerves, performance anxiety and re build towards maximum potential! This is a recent Actress client of mine discussing how she found the therapy and subsequent coaching for an important audition in London.

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#StageFright ? As an actress 20+years and 6+years as a hypnotherapist using NLP and Havening, I combine with industry Acting knowledge to help performers maximise potential, eliminate fears and more.

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Hypnotherapy in London with Diane Beck. This is the Holborn office , minutes from Holborn tube station and a wonderfully peaceful space in which to help clients.

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My new website is live :-) With information about Hypnotherapy, NLP, Havening Techniques, TFT, Laser Therapy and the common conditions such as anxiety, coaching, insomnia, stress, phobias, confidence and much more . With map and direction information about all three of my locations in Manchester city centre and London there is a lot of information and blog reading to be had. I hope you enjoy.

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Break free from #phobia  and fears with this reasoning and my therapy hypnosis sessions that can help you in as little as an hour.
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