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21 men (boys) who lost their chances

Hilarious anecdotal list of cases where boys were totally clueless about the signals given by girls who were interested to take it to the next level. Looking back on those times, being older and mature now, makes you wonder how boys can sometimes be so oblivious of the signals girls give!
21 Oblivious Men That Are Now Single For A Reason. Number 7 Is So Awkward.
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Let me be the Devil's advocate for fun!  Because I often like to go against the grain.

1) Keeping a door open is dangerous.  Also, people need sleep in the morning.  I hate waking up early.

2) (Can't think up anything positive.  Mean.)

3) Asking prevents rape.

4) Girls' rooms can be interesting. Did she have a Barbie Dreamhouse?

5) (Can't think up anything positive.)

6) (Can't think up anything positive.)

7) What if she wanted a blanket?  Does every cold girl want a dick?  Should you assume that?

8) Lesson learned for her.  Be clear.

9) DBZ is awesome, even though I'm a grown-up.  However, this sounds like it's from a child and children shouldn't have sex.

10) Sounds like a statement to me.

11) You should know what to do in a place before you spend the money on a plane ticket to fly there.

12) Clarity is the best policy.

13) Tutors should not be having sex with students, particularly when said tutor has a boyfriend.  Good call on the guy's part.

14) He already had plans.

15) I wouldn't like having to wash my boxers because someone put them on.  Your clothes or no clothes.  Two choices.

16) Drunk people having sex with strangers is not very responsible.

17) Getting two bottles is a selfless act.

18) Alcohol is illegal to consume for high school sophomores.

19) (Can't think up anything positive.  The most cringe-worthy of the bunch.)

20) (Can't think up anything positive.)

21) Again, clarity.
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Hayo Jongbloed

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The Great Perils of Social Interaction You're Probably Experiencing

Hilarious article about all the social awkward situations we get into while meeting relatives, friends, acquaintances, colleagues and strangers. Like do we shake hands or hug, or do we kiss on the cheeks and in what style. How do converse with acquaintances we hardly remember and who may have forgotten you, or maybe not...

So many social dilemmas which make for awkward situations in our daily life!
Thought you've known much about social interaction? Wait until you read this.
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That is why experience often trumps cockyness :) 
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Hayo Jongbloed

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Hayo Jongbloed

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Why don't people believe in GOD ...

Well, this is exactly why!
love it when you keep handing people rope and they hang themselves with it... in a neat and pretty bow, too
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well the problem is that "unicorn" bones, or whatever the aliens call an animal with a single protrusion that also resembles what Terrans call a "unicorn," evolved somewhere else in the universe.

We can't see 'em because of entropy (S) and the speed of light. Maybe some day we'll see a "unicorn" or "god" -
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Hayo Jongbloed

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Just wait for it .... LOL
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+Camila Silva promoting an event in the city with sailing boats, yea they got enough attention from it
and yes  though it's fake it's still funny :p
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Google released their long awaited Camera app update, with brand new interface, and also a new feature called blur. Here's my first attempt at a picture using that feature. :-)

Get the new camera app at the Play store (Android 4.4 and higher):
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Ah, dat had ik nog niet gezien! Perfect! Gelijk even proberen. TnX :) 
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Hayo Jongbloed

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The (evil) result of Wahhabism on society

This is what happens when an ultra-orthodox version of a religion (in this case the Wahhabism 'school' of Sunni Islam) gets complete control over a country and it's people. In Europe we had a bit similar situation when the Catholic Church was controlling the people using Witch-trials and Inquisition mechanics to install fear and control over the population. And it's now chronicled in the history books as Europe's Dark Ages!

The problem with religion is the innate conviction that their version of believing is the One and Only True Way to believe, and all other ways are false and wrong. After all, if you don't believe your faith is the right one, then why bother believing it in the first place? And that is why I have a problem with religion: because it is not about a personal belief kept privately and to yourself, but about trying to expand control over others and setting the rules and laws of that religion to rule everyone's lives.

(via +Dezzi Rae Marshall)
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Bunch of fuckers.. 
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Yes, this is often true about my posts as well.
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Oh I like this! 
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You can't say you accept science, while at the same time claim that everything you hold dear in your faith is exempted from the laws of science!
Islam and science are compatible, as long as you cut out the bits of science you don’t like
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No difference between this and any other religion or pseudoscience. Always beware of the parts you aren't allowed to question or have explained to you. The act of questioning is a vital part of learning and science.
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Hayo Jongbloed

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Ha ha ha, too funny not to share! Just brilliant!

(Via +Gordz Murphy)
The real Adam and Eve story...
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Haay, Haay1971
"Live and let live!"
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Mostly your very average guy with a wife, a son and a daughter. Working full time to provide a decent living and enjoy a good life in my spare time.

A little bit of a geek, a little bit of a nerd, a little bit of a gamer, definitely a movie-lover. But I also love to read good books (sci-fi and fantasy mostly) and take long walks in nature (preferably in the mountains of Austria and Switzerland).

My Google passion
I love to keep updated on new technology and the ongoing developments in social media. I'm a big fan of all things Google: Gmail, Google+, Android, Nexus devicesIngress, and I use all of it on a daily basis. In Ingress I chose the Enlightened faction because it suits my progressive outlook at life and my sense of optimism for the future of Mankind. :-)

I like to travel to new interesting places to experience different sights, sounds and cultures. But I also love to return to my own cosy comfy home again. Countries I've visited so far are: Belgium, Germany, England, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Jordan, Singapore and The Philippines.

Late 2011 I bought a mirror-less interchangeable lens camera, the Sony NEX C3, which sports an excellent APS-C sensor. Some nice photos taken with it are shared in this G+ photo album here. Please feel free to visit the album and leave comments on my photos there.

My old hobby: pencil drawing
Some 20 years ago I had a hobby of making pencil drawings of beautiful women. Recently I scanned them and put them in an album. A selection of these drawings are visible publicly here. The full album is not publicly visible because of some nudity. Anyone who likes to view all of the uncensored drawings can just ask me for full access to that album.

Belief, or rather lack thereof
I've been born and raised into a Humanist family. I've attended a Protestant-Christian elementary school, not because of the religion but because their education quality was higher than that of the Catholic and the Public elementary schools situated next to it. 
For the same reason I attended a Catholic secondary school because it was better than the Public secondary school. During my teenager years I got involved with the Pentecostal Church but realised it's not for me. I've also studied about Zen Buddhism which is more a philosophy than a religion. More recently I read an abridged Dutch translation of the Quran to know more about that religion as well. 
But all these ventures into different religions make me realise only more that I am an unbeliever to the core of my being. I can't accept or believe in something that denies or conflicts with scientific findings and generally accepted scientific theories. I also don't entertain superstitions or other irrational fears. I prefer rationality. :-) So if you want to classify me, I'd say I am a Secular Humanist.
For any theist (religious believer) who has questions or doubts, this is a good website to visit and read up about it: God is imaginary.
I'm also not interested in engaging in debates/arguments about religion, for all the possible arguments that theists can come up with have already been countered by far greater minds than me, and in a much better way than I ever could. So, any theist who feels like arguing about his/her faith, please go here instead: So you're a theist who wants to comment on an atheist blog, read this first. 
Bragging rights
Read The Lord of the Rings (in Dutch) when I was 12. Was an early adopter of Google (Search) when everyone else still used Altavista, of Gmail when everyone else still used Hotmail, of G+ when everyone else still used Facebook. Proud owner of an Android phone and an Android tablet.
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Winkel bij Google Play op internet. Doe aankopen en gebruik deze direct op uw Android-telefoon of -tablet zonder te synchroniseren.

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Prima kapsalon met een uitstekende prijs-kwaliteit verhouding. Vriendelijk personeel en een heel aardige eigenaar. Mijn vaste kapper!
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5 reviews
Goed en lekker eten.
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Klein maar gezellig Argentijns grill restaurant met heerlijke vleesgerechten. Vooraf reserveren is wel aan te raden want het zit regelmatig vol. Leuke atmosfeer en aardige bediening.
Food: Very goodDecor: Very goodService: Very good
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