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58 followers - strives to provide the latest most comprehensive information and news regarding the shale energy industry. strives to provide the latest most comprehensive information and news regarding the shale energy industry.

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The U.S. rig count continues to creep back up slowly, up ten Feb. 17, 2017, according to the latest Baker Hughes report. The rig count has increased for 5 straight weeks, reaching 751.

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Have you ever had customer service so good it actually ended up saving you money? Instead of working with a company that always focuses on selling you something, isn't it nice to work with one who you consider a partner?

At LTR , customer service is so much more than just being responsive and polite. Those are key attributes, and may have cut it in prior business settings, but in today’s oil and gas industry, with price, product, and performance being major drivers of business/vendor partnerships, stellar customer service can usually tip the scales in favor who of those who perform it best.

Read about how LTR's outstanding customer service has been a benefit to both their own business but also to the ones it serves.

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Eagle Ford writer Jennifer Hiller sums it up with this line:

"The oil and gas business has emerged from its cloud of doom into something that can't be called optimistic but is inching closer to it."

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Surveys and reports from the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas are now available for the third quarter. The business activity index - the survey's broadest measure of conditions facing Eleventh District energy firms - was up from 13.8 in the second quarter to 26.7.

While the survey still shows weakness in both industry employment and production, it does show some encouraging improvement. Oil and gas production, according to E&P firms, fell for the third consecutive quarter, yet at slower rate. Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

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Kirby Inland Marine has agreed to pay $4.9 million in civil penalties to settle federal claims resulting from a March 2014 collision between its tugboat and a ship that spilled nearly 170,000 gallons of oil into the Houston Ship Channel. Eagle Ford Texas

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While Mark Walhberg will probably be one of the reasons people go to see "Deepwater Horizon," anyone who has diligently followed the events that have unfolded after the 2010 disaster will know there's a very human side of the tragedy.

Read about Mark Williams, who had this to say about the film, in this article:
"My 11 brothers that got killed were immediately forgotten," Williams said, speaking from his Sulphur Springs, Texas, home. "We understand the oil. It's bad, yes. The birds are dying and the shrimp and the crabs and all that stuff. But those aren't brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, sons, daughters. Shrimp can come back. People, you can't bring those guys back."

Peter Berg's "Deepwater Horizon," which opens in theaters Friday, puts the spotlight of a big-budget disaster movie on the human toll of a real-life tragedy. Mark Wahlberg stars as Williams, a central figure in an earlier "60 Minutes" segment that focused on the Deepwater Horizon workers.

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Are you a landowner in the Marcellus shale region? Do you get royalty checks? Chances are you might not be getting what you think you should.

In Pennsylvania and other leading gas-producing states, a battle royal has developed over royalties, with landowners bitterly disputing the sums that some drillers have been taking from royalty checks already severely diminished by a collapse in prices.

Read the story of John Brown, a Pennsylvania dairy farm owner, who thinks Chesapeake has cheated him out of royalties he deserves.

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No injuries reported in another Pemex fire.

A fire on a tanker carrying gasoline and diesel off Mexico's Gulf coast was put out Sunday, a day after the blaze began, the country's state oil company said.
Firefighting boats had battled the blaze since Saturday aboard the Burgos, which is owned by the company, Petroleos Mexicanos, or Pemex.

A Pemex statement Sunday night said experts have begun investigating to determine what caused the fire in two of the ship's tanks. It said specialists from a Texas salvage company had boarded the vessel.

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Stronger regulation? That's the answer from lawmakers in Washington state.
Washington state has adopted a new rule to limit greenhouse gas emissions from large polluters over time, including including power plants, oil refineries, fuel distributors, pulp and paper mills and others.

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An oil spill found in south Louisiana this week was caused by a contractor working on an environmental restoration project funded after the larger BP oil spill.

An excavating marsh buggy operated by Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Co. accidentally cut through a pipeline during repairs at the Chenier Ronquille Island, reported
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