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Hayley Merelle Clearihan
Teacher, writer, freedom-fighter, artist, lover, super mama
Teacher, writer, freedom-fighter, artist, lover, super mama

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Writing poems again ... this one is raw but ready

"Lights Out"
Little bits of raw
Falling from your lips like a tap
Too rusty to do anything but be fundamentally precocious
Hypnotised by half the message
Characterised by no space inclined
To hit send without a second thought
Shattering worlds in an instant message
You flicker
On and off. In your own world
Menlancholic Mothers
on the forums of disaster
Where your heart spills
But where were you when the world stopped
When the whole time I gathered my
Courage to build up and do something beyond anything I’ve been able to manage in months and months and I’ve built walls so tall even I’m afraid to fall from heights unknown to this perilous mind
You flicker
Did you think of the consequences
Because you live in the raw
And I suffer
- Hayley Clearihan

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Anger is not POWER. Vanity is not SELF-LOVE #blog #selflove #lawofattraction

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Must hang out with this guy 

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Add a message to your video

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The Water Seer in the US. WOOHOO! :) Thanks to PJ Boox.

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White Walls is moving up the charts, and I couldn't be prouder. #aussiefilm? Yes, please.

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No, Pedigree Dentastix! We don't love you.

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Pick up a freebie :) "Little Cuts - A collection of dark, entertaining stories.' #kindle   #horror   #scifi   #drama 
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