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There is no such thing as an automatic door, only gentlemen ninjas.
There is no such thing as an automatic door, only gentlemen ninjas.

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9dcb37 please add me, thanks!

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It's dangerous to go alone! Take these! Legend of Zelda inspired wedding rings:

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Another JSC, but not a boardgame... Flavored Olive Oils! They look pretty yummy and have lots of recommendations on what to use the various flavors for.

Again, this project hasn't started taking money yet, but when it does, there's a 10% discount if you back in the first 24 hours!

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Chesstache, part two. I think I shared this back when it was on Kickstarter... they got funded on Kickstarter, but made some last-minute changes to their design that increased the quality of the product, but also the cost. The JSC campaign is to try and recuperate that cost so they can get better chess sets out to everyone for both campaigns. 

It doesn't actually start raising funds until the 9th, but there's a discount if you back them within the first 24 hours! So, mark your calendars!

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Here's another JumpStartCity game. It actually successfully completed on Kickstarter, so the creator is just raising additional funds to increase his initial production. 

It's supposed to be educational, based on learning how to invest in the stock market and such, so I suppose it's not a bad idea to try it out. I, for one, could use more money to buy more boardgames...

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Trying out this new social crowd-sourcing site, This game looks pretty fun and has a low buy-in, so I'm seeing how promoting it goes. Check it out. 

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Aw, yeah, booiiii~!

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I'm a sucker for Classical Mythology

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More portable chess sets, this one is smaller and pretty cool looking. Most packages just come with 1 set of pieces, so get all your friends to invest in their own set so when you play together, you're using your own special, personal pieces!
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