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Hillary Clinton on Human Rights and Counterterrorism
Opening Remarks at the Global Counterterrorism Forum in Istanbul on 7 June

"Some believe that when it comes to counterterrorism, the end always justifies the means; that torture, abuse, the suspension of civil liberties – no measure is too extreme in the name of keeping our citizens safe. But unfortunately, this view is short-sighted and wrong. When nations violate human rights and undermine the rule of law, even in the pursuit of terrorists, it feeds radicalization, gives propaganda tools to the extremists, and ultimately undermines our efforts. The international community cannot turn our eyes away from the effects of these tactics because they are part of the problem".

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How bout the 1200 kids the UN has reported being killed in Syria?
Are you proposing +Mikaeel Campbell that we hold hands, play old John Lennon records, and sing "Give Peace a Chance" while terrorists take us out one by one at the local shopping mall?
I'd like to add that actions which derive from our values have far reaching and long lasting repercussions. I think Americans (being one myself) live very much in the present, and may underestimate historical precedents and their consequences. To mention just two: we invested heavily in the Marshall plan, and I believe it produced the results we hoped for. On the other hand, the 1953 coup d'etat orchestrated by the US and Britain to overthrow a democratically elected Mosaddegh in Iran has poisoned relations between the two countries to this day. 
I like Hillary and I like Obama.  But what about our drone policy?  WHile I understand why the Obama administration is going after certain Al Qeada figures etc, I fear what will happen when Russia and China deploy these technologies as they see justified.  The same with the Stuxtnet etc software attacks.  Any easy answers???
+Mikaeel Campbell Wouldnt you agree that the current administration is doing as much as possible to embrace the Muslim culture and distance itself from Israel?
+Mike Patty Embrace Muslim culture and distance itself from Israel? I take it you are kidding.
+Mike Patty I think Obama has tried to move to a slightly more neutral position between the Jews and Arabs.  But it is still decidedly pro-Israel.  Historically, I think US policy has been too pro-Israel and that has caused some of our problems in the Muslim world.  
Was that really Hillary Clinton speaking - 7 June 2012 and not any other distant year ? Well, just a few days ago we heard Donald Rumsfeld saying "War should be the very last option", now this... It's too much hypocrisy to take lightly, on such a short period of time!
Please focus on what they do, not what they say. 
As to the gentleman apparently defending Guantánamo, torture and military trials, it really deserves no additional comment. The fact that someone can even tolerate, let alone defend, such methods, speaks for itself.
And yes, spite of all the hate talk, I'd say "Give Peace a Chance", anytime...
Fortunately, there are Iranians and Israelis who do not want war, and are fully aware of the manipulations on the part of politicians and those more concerned with geo-political advantages than with making peace. I am reminded of the recent campaign here:
and Peace Now which has been striving for a just peace settlement for years. It's tempting to paint all members of a nation or religious group with the same brush, but that's what bigots do.
The best way to deal with "terrorists" is to treat them with respect, negotiate, and solve the issues with diplomats. War should be the last option. Torture will only give you the answers you want, NOT the correct answers. Abusing your powers only creates mistrust in your own leadership, and destroying civil liberties to fight for freedom is like trying to put out a house fire with a flame thrower.
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