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We're a Culture, not a Costume
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overgeneralization is the way of lazy minds.. :)
I think part of the problem - at least as far as I have seen - is that these kinds of campaigns of fighting against the terrorist image have not been presenting themselves often enough. This culture needs to stand up against these radicals and show the world who they really are, otherwise the negative image that threatens are world will prevail
Not in my country they don't. The Muslim community seemed to go into hiding after 911 - they did not come out and publicly denounce or fight for the culture/religion. At least as far as I have seen and I follow almost every news service and social network site everyday.
Fox is not a news service.. lol I am Canadian!
+Peter Marion Syed Mumtaz Ali, President of the Canadian Society of Muslims:“We condemn in the strongest terms possible what are apparently vicious and cowardly acts of terrorism against innocent civilians. We join with all Canadians in calling for the swift apprehension and punishment of the perpetrators. No political cause could ever be assisted by such immoral acts.”
Canadian Society of Muslims, Media Release, September 12, 2001
They do ALL the time, and I really mean ALL the time, cause you can't escape it in your dialy life, even if you want to.
+Catherine Maguire I don't know. I just searched "Muslims against terrorism Canada" in Google. It's more or less the first thing that came up. There will be loads of others, there always is. Additionally, I would imagine there are Muslims from Canada fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan (along with soldiers from my own country, Jordan, and where I live (the UAE)). This statement that "Muslims support terrorism" (all 1.5 billion + of them) is just b/s.
The positive stories mostly do not reach European media, it's mostly full with women oppression or suicidebombers. Or it's in the media because a political party made up a new law against building mosques or ritual slaughter or taxes for hijab and that kind of nonsense.
+Jasmina Nellestijn They reach the French and UK media for sure. I have seen pronouncements and discussion in main stream media from both countries.
Yes, I will admit to UK Media, probably one of the few. And French media sucks as well.
Hahaha, press releases are not attention getters. Anyway it is not my intention to insult only to let you know your message is not getting across.
I used to be in the media. Press releases are issued for a myriad of reasons and since there is not enough hours in the day editors must "edit" and bigger stories get the nod every time. It is much like how the Arab world views Western culture through the eyes of the edited media. As for journalist walking into stories, they know press releases are what people want you to run not necessarily what is correct.
The challenge for media is not to necessarily do what is right but what sells - it is the nature of the beast. I did not create this reality I am only passing on the information.
When some people, be they illiberal or otherwise, talk, read and think about Muslims and Arabs, I am sure that they have not thought critically about the language in use, the frames from which they view the world or the numbers of rungs on the ladder of assumption they have climbed. The result of all this is that it has become acceptable to talk about Muslims or Arabs and their homogeneously violent, extremist or similar tendencies. It should not be. Those who hold such views deny the humanity of both groups and have similar attitudes and use similar language to colonialists, slave owners, the Nazis and proponents of apartheid.

An extreme example of this unacceptable debate was the language in use at the US War College in 2011 when presentations about "fighting Islam" included contemplating the lessons of Hiroshima and wiping out whole cities, targeting civilians whenever necessary. See: and similar.
Lazy minds lump people into groups and stereotypes, and after a short while, they believe those stereotypes to be absolutely true, until the day they actually get to know the individuals of said group.
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