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Social TV with Gary Vaynerchuk
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+Hashim Warren I wish that I could watch live & ask questions. I will watch for the link t watch it later.
Good Stuff Gary!- Your good SD Friend Justin
Thanks for hosting, Hashim!
Hey Gary, got a question. What do you think of the tactic of "share this" or "like htis" to build engagement?
I love the comment about creating mobile apps. I think there are advantages for mobile apps, particularly in customer service. BUT the idea of building something, then having to pay to have people adopt it is a very good way of looking at it. Thanks +Gary Vaynerchuk 
+Kianga Ellis there were other personal aggregators before, but Rebel mouse makes it look so good.
+Tara Coomans I've seen networks dump tons of money into building apps that no one ends up using. I'll have a video up on soon on how shows can figure out what the audience wants in an app before they make it
+Hashim Warren 100% agree. Creating an app b/c you think  it has to be part of the equation is just as ridiculous as saying that a particular social platform has to be part of the strategy. Strategy drives delivery mechanisms, delivery mechanisms don't drive strategy.
 Great conversation and look forward to seeing that video. 
+Hashim Warren So I just marked this video to watch it later and I'm really looking forward to it.
+Hashim Warren OK, I keep seeing in the comment stream as I work and so I went to check it out. I think it's an interesting site. Would love to see Google+, YouTube & LinkedIn added into the mix. Pinterest would be great too.
+Prod Mgmt I'm checking it out now. Any suggestions for newbies on the site?
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