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Join us for this month's Android meetup! 

Andreas Luedeke will talk about "Getting the android device zoo under control - or how to provision 150+ different android device models within the cloud. Sharing some insights about adb pitfalls, device automation, remote access and stuff you never did with your phone before" 

We still have room for another talk and would appreciate your submissions. Ideally something suitable for beginners.

As always there will be plenty of time to talk to fellow Android developers while enjoying a drink or two.

You might also want to check out the Meetup page for this event:
Android Stammtisch March 2015
Wed, March 25, 2:30 PM
c-base, Berlin, Germany

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Accelerate your deployment time when working with an Android 5.1 device/emulator:

ART is awesome, but the AOT (ahead-of-time) compilation step can be quite long, taking 5, 10 or even more seconds. 
Which is usually a waste on time when you're developing.

The good news is now, with Android 5.1,
vmSafeMode which was used with Dalvik to deactive JIT compilation, now actually deactivates the AOT one with ART, so you can fallback to an interpreted mode. [0]

Set this property in your debug builds by adding <application android:vmSafeMode="true"/> inside src/debug/AndroidManifest.xml and the dex2oat step will suddenly be a lot faster. :)


#gde #android #androidddev
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The countdown is running out for +droidcon Berlin! Today is the last day for your talk, workshop or lightning talk submission for Germany's Android conference and the mother of all +droidcon s.

Think hard, think fast and submit something now! See you in June!
Deadline extended until March 14, 2015 -------------. Become a speaker at droidcon Berlin 2015! There are two steps needed to submit a session: → register here to our system → go to "my events" > "dashboard" > "add event content" > "session" and fill in your abstract. (More help: FAQ) ...
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Time is running out. Hurry up and submit your talk proposal for Droidcon Berlin. You have until tomorrow!

#androiddev   #droidcon   #droidconberlin  
Deadline extended until March 14, 2015 -------------. Become a speaker at droidcon Berlin 2015! There are two steps needed to submit a session: → register here to our system → go to "my events" > "dashboard" > "add event content" > "session" and fill in your abstract. (More help: FAQ) ...
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Thanks for the reminder, almost forgot to submit my talk!
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Have him in circles
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#PSA  for #AndroidDev and their PO colleagues: *App discoverability on #AndroidTV *

After your pockets and handbags already have been conquered by Android  #AndroidTV  is Google's next attempt to conquer the living room, too. The platform offers a good #AndroidDev  experience through keeping API usage and distribution consistent with "normal" apps but adjust input methods and user interface to the living room case.

So that's all fine and it's surprisingly easy to get started with Android TV (if you have access to a device).

BUT - as of now-  you need to know the following fact: If you're not featured on +Google Play for Android TV it's incredibly unlikely that users will ever find your app if they don't know it yet. Without being part of a featured collection you will be invisible.

I certainly hope Google decides to add a "Others.." or "All apps..." listing, preferably on a grid instead a long horizontal list, but until then: Build an awesome feature-eligible app or save your efforts at all.
20150320 - Android TV - App discoveryApp discovery on Android TV be featured or die* *as of March 2015
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it started... #io15  invites polluting the stream. ;)
I still hope 
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It's somehow funny to work in an internet company, where the internet is broken...
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That's the universe's way of telling you to check the offline behavior of the app. 
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Hasan Hosgel (alosdev)

Shared publicly  - 
Thank you!
Wow – with more than 150 submissions in our Call for Papers our program commitee now really has some work to do!
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Fingers crossed!
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It is now possible to bring the benefits of your app to your users wherever they happen to be, no matter what device they have near them. Get started today by checking out our new reference sample: it's a bare-bones, but functional music player that works across your phone, car, watch and Google Cast devices. It's built on the new media APIs in Android 5.0 Lollipop and supports all the mentioned form factors in a single codebase!
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Echt nette Leute hier.
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