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Floyd Mayweather just got knocked out by a Nevada judge ... who scoffed at the boxer's claim he is withering away in jail ... essentially ruling…
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I have lost all respect for a boxer that lays his hands on anyone outside the ring.

BUT, it is impossible to stay healthy on a jail diet and prison food is not much better. That is true, Phoenix jails serve peanut butter two meals a day and that is all, 4 pieces of bread, 4 oz of peanut butter. That is criminal.

In the end, his actions put him there, and that is what prisons and jails are for, to punish you. Hence, take your punishment. Everyone else there is having their life destroyed by their actions, why should a athlete be given special circumstances?
Well Oh Well, I guess he knows now that Money can't buy everything.... Enjoy your time Floyd, well deserved....
how do all those dudes come out of prison all cut up and serial killer looking then?
They don't anymore +Brad Dillon, the took the weight piles away along with the legal libraries years ago.
My question is just where is he at? The news says prison, this says jail. Two VERY different things and places....
Talk about money(May) problems when it can't help that money savages not just "MoneyJune".
Hahaha... punk... he cannot flash his $$$...
good money doesn't get you everything buddy
pay the price of your action...
Coming on Money! Do your 90 like a man!
We are embarrassed here in Grand Rapids MI. I hope someone messes him up in jail.
I heard he's now under house arrest well if o commit a crime could I be put under house arrest at mayweathers please you dont even need to leave the place you have everything under one roof.the judicial systems a joke.x
¢hump¢hange i call it $ucker$, like mula youngs.
what a bitch he has been in jail for 10 days now when he gets out he will fight, bt beat and blame it on being in prison, Tyson went to prison and came out bigger better and faster mayweather you my friend are the biggest pussy to put on a pair of golves i hope i never seen u in the ring again
wonder why they call u bitch...wonder why they call u bitch... (2pac)
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