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ick...I just realized I was following you because you were part of some package Google was pushing...I've corrected that problem.
I wonder if when they administered the sobriety test, they told him "Close your eyes, stretch out your arms, touch the top of your toupee...."

And I wonder if Donaldson responded, "Jesus, you're busting me and not Diane Sawyer???"
Well now that they have Mr. Donaldson, would someone trim those eyebrows. Yikes!!!!!
can't blame the guy, with the news these days. what ever happened to all the cats stuck in a tree????! he's proablbly like: a wanna see me a goddamn CAT! CAUT INNA GODDAMN TREEEA!!
It seems that many of the newscaster types like to drink heavily. 
Yes they do I think its because of the misery they have to report day after day. I would drink too if I had to keep up with current events as closely as they do!!!!!!
So what, we all screw up. I gave a homeless man $3 today so he could buy a beer. If you feel like getting drunk by all means go for it! 
if i lived in Delaware, id be drinking all the time to lol
Reporting all the news nobody else gives a shit about.
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