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Yes, NINE.
Adios OctoMom ... 'cause there's a lady in Mexico who's reportedly pregnant with NINE KIDS!!!!According to reports, NueveMom has been identified as Karla…
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i really hope she won't turn out to be like octomom...
on the other hand, photoshop can do some crazy things..
I'm glad it's her and not me.
At what point do we start to call it a litter?
get out she's making Octomom look good...
cristina if u were her wat would you have done
she must be proud of her self
I couldn't even imagine! That's just crazy. Are these people part dog or cat that they're having litters now???
I hope they survive!Mandy Allwood's eight didn't...
It´s true, she lives in my city and the picture is false, her name is Karla Perez Garcia
oh wow that's a lot of kids more pain at the same time
what would i do? geesh i would get an abortion it;s either that or die of tooo much pushing like i said OUCH!!!!!!
That's waaayyyyy too many kids period.
Al Jory
she needs 3 more to be like cheaper by the dozen
she can make her own mini drug cartel
she better stay away from the border we dont need her mutts here
That's gonna hurt....R.I.P to her vagina
9 kids?I mean for real?well I wish the best for the children and their mom;-)!
Is it a competition? It's unhealthy for these Children!
Are you saying my story is not true??? If you wish,i will write out my phone num,and add.Thanks.
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