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Oh no! How will I ever go on... Woe is me...
I wonder? Was it the low ratings? Or was it the low ratings???
It's about time! Lamar's NBA career has went down hill since he entered the Kardashian's life..He'll be lucky if anyone else ever picks him up again YAWN!!!!!! Good Riddance. +NBA +Mark Cuban +Los Angeles Lakers
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“I’ve calculated the chance of Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom celebrating their golden anniversary,” he says, “Even when I extend it to 15 decimal places, the probability is still zero.” (Researcher quoted in NYT article last month.)
i like it...theyre actually really down to earth. they shouldve done a spin off with courtney and scott....that wouldve been hilarious! i only watch the original for court and scott any way
and who wins out of all of this??..... society
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