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Lindsay Lohan is in such trouble...she's not going to be in court tomorrow!
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This is gonna really suck for her.  Oh well. 
"The judge could issue a warrant for her arrest...."

Let's be real...the judge could...but they definitely won't.

This Li-Lo BS must stop at some point. 
She has a bad case of avoidus jailicus!
So throw her ass in jail already, she clearly does'nt give a chit.
For the love of all that is holy!!!! Stop giving her so much press!!!!! Get your act together Lohan! GROW THE F*!k up already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
She flew to LA last night though.  I suppose her "Doctor's note" didn't fly with the court. 
What did she think was guna happen. Thank You TMZ for calling that bitch out.
Someone needs to reach her that she must be accountable for her actions. It's like...a HUGE life skill she is lacking. 
It's about time she goes to jail. My son did wrong and he's locked up, why isn't she. 
She needs to be taught a lesson. Stop letting her run the show and throw her butt in jail for a good long while. 
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