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Britney Spears and "X Factor" have struck a deal that will line the singer's pocket to the tune of $15 million for next season ... TMZ has learned.We're…
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Nice!!!!!!!! Its Britney BICTH!!!!!!!!!! Good for her!!
Britney.. Can I borrow a dollar?
Good for you Britney happy for you girl :))
WOW!!! Should I do a cartwheel? I think not!!!
zen, called me... huh?? brit is richest than I'm not a person.. pls just encourage zen go to stop it.. there's no love no excited.. I'm not kind of bad drugs and drunk in allow with my kids.. is that okay? I have hard to study my bible any way as you think about first in the place..
NO MILLIONS! My kids and ex-husband were born with rich life.. but my kids and I live with my parent it's poor not rich.. yes, my ex-husband is rich man...
zen is very ex-husband yes rich man stills that it..
I would imagine the ratings will go down now! So sad for the show.
15 millon well that is alot and it would pay for vet school and more
They could have gotten Amanda Bynes to do this for $1.5 million, a kegerator and a driver.
Which will help her raitings, or kill it with comments by the big black t-shirt wearing judge Simon! OOOhhh can not wait for expressions, and his comments!!!
the statement saying ... "she is only being debated and thought through because they are basically trying to decide how good everyone else is going to look next to her"... definitely a true statement!!!
Someone with no talent, being a talent judge?
I had no talent.. my work in the grocey.. my ex-husband and parent are all true rich nice big ranch and pretty house...
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