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In a move more reminiscent of something her husband Bill might do, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was photographed last night dancing and knocking…
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It's Bill in his Hillary mask...
It's Bill in his Hillary mask...
Hey jack... gonna make it my goal that NO ONE check's out your page... I can tell by the way that you have no input in your posts, just advertising, that you are an idiot.
Harvey, please don't do this anymore.
Secretary of State gone wild? How about, Secretary of State go away.
While lot of people are starving in the US, this whore is daily urging major world powers to go and attack Iran and night goes partying and it's all American peoples taxes! How about save the wars money for the youth of America? and instead of partying go try and create jobs for the jobless!
She knocked back "a" beer.They had 12 beers and 2 whiskeys for 12 people. Way out of control.
Clinton better get his groove back on quickly
about time she let loose. always acting so straight
Well I hope that beer and dancing loosened her up.
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