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Dick Clark -- famed TV producer, and "New Year's Rockin' Eve" host -- died from a massive heart attack this morning ... TMZ has learned.Clark had been in…
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How very sad!..Praying 4 his family!..RIP Dick!.
Josh M
R.I.P Dick Clark.
neil n
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I'm so sad about this.
Thank you for decades of entertaining pleasure. You will remain in our hearts.
So sad. The world has lost a wonderful man.
Rest in peace to a favorite of mine for my entire life. New Year's Eve will never quite be the same
Ryan Seacrest IS Dick Clark for a new generation. Equally ambitious in front of and behind the camera. Smart, smart guy.
Stewie Is a Younger Ryan Seacrest
I'm gonna miss Dick Clark very much. He and his show was a household word in my home while I was growing up... RIP DC
They just don't make guys like him!! He will be missed!!! RIP.
omfg when i first seen this i was like "nonnonononoooooooooo" then i realised it was dick clark, not dick van dyke..... still a sad day in t.v land either way
Well know he was 82?....We just have to be Thankful that we live in a time that we could enjoy him! Yes he will be missed !
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