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Jay-Z says he STRONGLY believes gay people deserve the right to get married ... claiming discriminating against a gay person is the same as discriminating…
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Ok but I can tell honestly I never chose to be gay & why should I have to live my whole life a lie? You get to be happy & married & IM SUPPOSED TO GO HATE MYSELF ??? Hell no, God created everyone different. <3
so they can make me a F***ING SAMMICH jk girls so that they can be our equals and give us a chance to find someone to love and cherish as much as god himself i guess i'm not religious so i don't read that crap
thank moreover read the bible simple
Whatever y'all are waaayyyy too question.
Every other child born into a diff religion....are they gonna burn in hell too?
Bcuz I was born the way I am just like a child on the other side of the world was born in2 a hindu religion.I think its dumb 2 think they hav 2b christian 2go2
Hahaha but if you are an atheist why would it matter to you if two consenting adults wanna be in a monogamous loving relationship?
We should not discriminate, however, we should always keep in mind that all that we have allowed yesterday has had it's effect in today's world...We are being railroaded into believing that what we see is not what we get...That just isn't true...As a person who grew up in the world, I understand that life's influence played a Huge roll in many of my choices...As well as others....I believe Everyone should have the right to live as they please and have the right to understand that in making that choice you are submitting yourself to whatever life as well as God has for you...If you live by the word act as such or stop the big religious issue that stems WIDELY in America.
As I've said everywhere I can find to say this, if we are all subjects to the same laws no law should be added that create a bias. It's like saying, 'All discrimination is illegal...unless you're gay.' If religions don't want to perform the ceremony or recognize the marriages, that's up to them, our system does not and can not stand on that same sentiment and still say 'justice for all'.
Hah! So just because I am gay I'm not a real man? I am active duty Navy & I fight for this country. I am a real man. 
umm no they are not dude most of them were guys but there were a few girls dressed as guys in there too fun thing makeup can do is make you look like the opposite sex
ok what does the stupid song have to do with the fact I have gone through months and months of training to fight for this country......we all do our part and all I simply ask is that I be allowed to be in a civil union (marriage is religious) and personally i dont think the govt has any business in them. But they are so be equal with them. I don't ask for special treatment, just fairness. So people say life isn't fair, but that doesn't mean equality shouldn't be fought for. Women,Blacks, Minorities all that have gained rights. Gay&Lesbians DESERVE and are entitled to them as well
gay is not a choice. I f I had to chose, i would be straight. My family wouldn't have disowned me, the church wouldn't have tried to expell me, my own mother hates me...and I am still a virgin! I am sexually attracted to men. not women. I def did not pick this complicated life :(
There are still some people that think interracial marriages are evil, so that kind of attitude will always exist, that's why the President should get involved because it's his duty to look at equal treatment to all. I mean if they wanna give the people the right to stop marriages then I woulda voted to stop that Kim Kardashan debacle.

lmao @ Mark and Frederick
+MARK ANTHONY WALKER Thank you for elaborating on the differences that many hetero and homosexuals have yet to UNDERSTAND....No one has put a bullet to your head and forced you to be as you accountable for your actions....Gay and lesbian people have been allowed to llive freely.....WHY ARE YOU DEMANDING PEOPLE TO GO AGAINST MORALS AS WELL AS GODS WORD....I am not in favor of societies blessings, but the creator of all....Be mindful how how you LIVE....What is made to appear right isn't, as in liquor consumption or smoking...THE BIG BOYS PROFIT FROM THAT SO IT WILL BE LEGAL FOR AS LONG AS THEY PLEASE.....
agreed if god put us here in his image he already knew that there would be lesbians and gay men nothing wrong with that look at it from their point of view they love each other and what they do in their own privacy is none of our buisness as long as they spread love and stay true to each other
same reason you can marry a woman because of love and didn't the bible say something about not discriminating other people for their beliefs or actions but to accept them for what they do and say?
and i walk in the gay pride parade too even though i have a girl friend i just support the peace and love they spread which you should too
Somebody's else's morals is none of our business. I think that's the point. You can not enforce your beliefs on another human, if God wanted that he would not have given us all free will. Look at Adam, even after his sin(which was basically killing all of his children before they were born) God still clothed him, he was allowed to live a very long time, making his own choices. God's punishment will be his to bear, it even says that in the Bible, until then, we all have free will and in America we have the freedom to exercise that will. To put our beliefs ahead of another is to take away someone else's freedom. And using God as an excuse is no excuse. Someone else's freedom today, your's tomorrow.

Prescott, it doesn't say accept them 'FOR' what they do and say, it says to leave alone, that there are some things not in our hands. Also to respect what others believe (even if opposite of our own) because what others put faith in can be just as strong as our own. Btw, respect is not acceptance of a lifestyle, but it's doing just as God asked us to do, which is not to judge.
oh and for clarification, the Bible's original language of the NT used the word for porno, the original Greek form of it, and it included all sex outside of marriage as equally wrong. I just wanted to make sure that 'straight people' knew that.
I continue to enlighten people every day CANDY WILLIAMS that the way we live today is sinful...all sins are accountable....We were created to WORSHIP our CREATOR, as well as to struggle to do what is asked of us in the same note REFRAIN from what he asks us to....Sex before Marriage, NUMBER ONE SIN IN AMERICA!!!!! A understanding has to made.......GET RIGHT(WITHIN) OR GET LEFT(BEHIND BY GOD)....FACE REALITY WE WILL BE JUDGED AND IF LIVING LIFE IS THAT IMPORTANT, ALTHOUGH YOU HAVE NO CLUE WHEN YOU WILL MEET YOUR DEMISE, GO RIGHT AHEAD!!!!!!!
That was Jesus!!!!! UNDERSTANDING!!!!! Our creator is God ALONE!!!! how can you not give the credit due??? It is sad we are knowledged on idiocy but not TRUTH.....
Do what pleases you.......I say as I please and live to honor the creator....In all my wrong I give what is due...ACKNOWLEDGEMENT!!!!!!!!!!!
let us then change the meaning of all words and create a new vernacular any way we like it right,like change the word love to mean the same thing as hate , or blue for green , or up for down , or boy for girl ? how about girl friend should now mean wife ? let us rewrite all our text books and history it self to suite the political correctness of the day/year/decade why not since nothing means anything and nothing really means everything.
Shakiba, I never said we weren't accountable, I said we all have free will. Example, your free will is you are able to worship as you like and to give your opinion on a subject, but just because you THINK it does not make it so. I read the Bible just as you may or may not do and nothing you said is in there, just your opinion. I'm not saying you can't speak what you know, but you can't demand that if those that choose not to believe be stricken right here and now as if you were God yourself. And all those huge screaming letters only makes you look like you are talking down to others.

And may I add, this is not light that you are spreading, because you are not just spreading God's words, which is light, you are spreading your opinions, which is just like anyone else's. The Bible says, we can plant the seed but he makes it grow. What you are doing, Shakiba, and those like you, are stepping on the seeds that he may or may not have chosen. I can say I spread light too, but I try not to self describe because this is not about me or my beliefs. In this case I will self describe a little, I am almost 50, still a virgin, by choice, has read the Bible cover to cover almost every year since I was 8. One of the very first things I learned in scriptures is that God does not bind us to him by words , but what is in our hearts. If it is not in someone's heart to follow him that is between God and the individual. Still has nothing to do with man's system of government on earth. I am responsible for the worship I give to God in all things because that is my vow to him. It still has nothing to do with those that pay taxes equally and equally follow law made by man, equal being the operative word. Civil unions has nothing to do with anybody but the couple and the State, the State represents everyone equally, regardless of religion. If I okay this inequality, then I am okaying all the past deeds (and future) that heaped discrimination upon me, by people screaming the same things, about MY race, My religion, My weight. lmao @ my weight. tickled myself.
+Richard Harwood What did we tell you about getting high and posting on G+? Next time get stoned after you post so we can understand you and the point you're trying to make.
brian or brainless which is it . shall we change the meaning of your name to ?
Did you even read what you wrote? There's no context or sense there. Lighten up a little, it wasn't an insult.
what planet are you from ? mindless drug fueled rant, not insult intended amazing brian sorry your name has been changed by the minority to brainless hows that feel ,no offense intended right
what planet are you from ? drug fueled mindless rant is a complement in canada o ? what I said is let us now change the meaning of your name to brainless from its origanal brian since the meaning of all words are now subject to change .
Easy there big fella, don't blow a gasket. By the way, are you actually for or against the gay marriage thing? You didn't actually say.
Mike B
Wow, lots of crazy on this post. Would be entertaining if not for the fact that people are being serious.

Why anyone imagines they are justified in stopping two loving and consenting adults from marrying each other is beyond me. Cherry-picking quotes from your favorite 2,000 year old religious book (which also advocates stoning of non-virgins, massacre of entire cities, and other immoral behavior) does not suddenly lend your argument any credence.

Get over it - same sex partners deserve the identical protections under the law as heteros. Brown v. Board of Education made it clear that "separate but equal" in not a tenable position, so calling them "unions" or "partnerships" is only a short-term solution.
+Mike Barron i agree because if someone loves another person and they both share the same feeling twords each other reguardless of gender then they should have the same rights as normal married people to get married it just shows that there are many different ways to express love weather your gay bisexual or lesbian love is love and nothing can break the bond of marrage (other than a devorce) and most gay marrages last throughout the remainder of their lives or until one of the spouses passes on and who really believes (not saying i don't not discouraging or "hating" on any religion) that god crap we can prove eveolution exists but no where in science have we ever been able to prove that any"gods" have existed and if they are real how come they don't show us and come back to prove it to us all
typical avoidance tactic dont address the cause distract from the point at hand, which is the rewriting of websters dic. and what dose it matter, in a logical way, who I am for or against but since you must know I am not for or against gay people, its non of my biz what anyone dose behind closed doors nor anyone else's. but if it is to effect all of humanity then make up a new word for every new thing , dont change the historical meaning of a word to try to assimilate it with another.
So what you are trying to say, if I understand, is if "gay marriage" is allowed, we would need to change the definition of the word "marriage"?
think about it you by adding the extra definition of the word gay have in context changed the meaning of the word marriage. right?
Hope you all are bulding arches an preparing for the floods .
Mike B
+Richard Harwood I am not for or against gay people, its non of my biz what anyone dose behind closed doors nor anyone else's. but if it is to effect all of humanity then make up a new word for every new thing ,

Incorrect. You are against allowing homosexual humans to experience the same joy, stability, and acceptance that married heterosexuals enjoy. How, exactly, does another couple's marriage affect yours (much less "all of humanity")? Shouldn't you be up-in-arms over people who get divorced? Isn't the breaking of a marriage much more harmful than having additional monogamous couples join that same coupling institution?
what does "building arches and preparing for floods" mean?
@Candy Williams I think he means building arks and prepare for the floods in refrence to Noah's Ark
Thank God I don't look to rappers for my world views.
queers are really in the spot light now days. they are so proud.
This is a hot mess. People against Gay marraige shoud be just as strict on divorce, shaving, eating shrimp,cursing, judging, and so on. But they are not, they are too concerned with restricting the lives and rights of others to recognize their wrong doing and short coming(and we all fall short). There is no liberty and justice for all. This nation will always be slave to their own thoughts and ideas. The Man/woman incharge will only have say so for a max of 8 years. If straigh people are so tired of GAYS wanting to be equal...They should stop having Gay babies... GOOD day all.
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