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Harvey Levin. You are disgusting! I am typing this and I feel as though I am about to vomit! You are a hellbound sinner bent on a path of destruction! Please seek GUIDANCE and HELP and LOVE and ACCEPTANCE and MORE LOVE and A LITTLE BIT MORE LOVE from +Jesus Christ +Teresa Jackson
Yasss! Yasss! Thank goodness you agree Luis! He is a lost boy in this big world, he needs guidance! Seek Jesus! Are you a follower of our lord and savior, Christ?
Sin you are a SAD girl! Your heart is obviously hurting from the ways of SATAN! You need some JESUS to help guide your way from the path of HELL to the path of HEAVEN! I am trying to help this man stay away from SATAN! Even your name REEKS of SIN! SINNER! You are HELLBOOUNDDD!
Why don't you keep your filthy, sinner lips shut? You are trying to turn these nice, innocent people to the ways of Satan. Patricky, you are obviously a Satanist and are therefore HELLLLLBOUND. You need to repent and PRAY that Jesus will forgive your dirty, sinner soul.
Patrick why don't you keep your HATEFUL comments to yourself. We are trying to keep this beautiful works of JESUS to go to the LIGHT! THEY NEED TO GO TO THE AND SEE JESUS! It is time that someone works to keep these people from becoming slaves to SATAN! You need to rethink your state of mind and become a follower of JESUS!
+Sin Salazar WE ARE TRYING TO SAVE YOU! You are giving SATAN strength by straying from the path of JESUS! Please come to the light, Sin! You too, Patrick!
Actually, Sin, The Church of the Mechanical Christ is a non-profit organization. We make all of our money through community events and public bake sales. Feel free to come visit us for some homemade cookies and pie!
Please keep your language clean, Sin! We are only trying to help!
+Sin Salazar Wow there are some crazies in here. I agree with you, not quite sure what religion has to do with his job or the story. And if these these other people (trolls) find +Harvey Levin so evil... why are they following him???

As a Christian I am embarrased by the actions and comments of +Reverend Whitney Jésus Christ... I don't think these are examples of what post would look like if Jesus Christ was posting... nothing Loving or Accepting about them.
LMAO I just came here to read the post and got a comedy act instead. Gotta love the internet.
You are all mindless satanic SINNERS! Please correct yourselves and get yourselves off of the path of SELF-DESTRUCTION! I guess there are some people who would choose to be IGNORANT rather than INFORMED by the words of our lord and savior Jesus! I will pray for you all that you can somehow stay out of the fiery pits of HELL!
Ruth, you need to calm down hun. I am not some insane person like that Charlie fellow. I hope you go to the light and see Jesus. I would never do that to someone, but would you? YOU, dear Ruth, seem like the type to ATTACK SOMEONE FOR THEIR BELIEFS. You need to sit your self down and have a long talk with yourself on why you REJECT Jesus, you KNOW it will land you an eternity in hell. If that's not crazy I don't know what is. Think about it Ruth... or should I say, Charlie?
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