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The lawyer for the 2 masseurs suing John Travolta for sexual assault says other masseurs have come forward with similar stories and some of them will…
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Damn, I usually fall asleep, maybe she was lousy at it.
I have an excellent masseuse and they put up with so much crap, they don't need this kind of behavior....ummm Kobe Bryant..
I read the complaint last night and i was like wow!! I hope for John's sake that he didnt commit these perverted acts because if he did it will be very hard to watch him again without thinking about this case
+Claudia there are Men from all over the country coming forward.... That "i was out of town" excuse is'nt playin well. And whats up with Kelly Preston and D.P. WOW!!!! Thats really freaky...
Every time one person decides to come out, everyone wants to come out of the wood work and jump on the bandwagon. I can't say they're lying, but they're definitely trying to manipulate the situation.
When a guy can descibe your penis with great detail and knows your wifes sexual habits.... Im just sayin, you gotta problem.
+Stephen Who knows what Travolta did with these Men, I don't but I did read the civil complaint and its very detailed. Your comments read like your defending Travolta, do you know what happened? Maybe you can explain the perverted details. Good luck...
I think the way it works is that everyone is entitled to their #ammendment1 rights and can freely express their OPINIONS. The media can only state facts after they have been deemed so. Now can we get back to our regular 9-5's guys? =]
Funny, never thought travolta might be bisexual.
I don't think anyone asked you to accept them +Stephen W. Slaughter. I think we were raised to take everything in with a grain of salt; don't you think? To accept everything you see, read or hear as the absolute truth would a) put you on a path of ignorance and b) drive you stark mad.

As a #johntravolta fan however, I am going to wait and see how it plays out. Can I formulate an opinion yet? No, I haven't heard all the details I personally need to formulate one. Will I still watch Grease and SN every chance I get whether he is proven innocent or guilty? Heck yeah! (Will I watch Michael? NO! I didn't like it! lol) But why will I continue to support him despite the fact he's being accused of such maliciousness? Because in America every one manipulates their fellow citizens; that's how we thrive as a capitalist country. If Travolta were out of the closet, I don't think this would be an issue and that is MY opinion.

True, but the fact that they are guys gives the claim another twist.
+Stephen W. Slaughter I don't follow TMZ. However, the news (Fox, CNN...etc) is reporting what they investigate. That's how any of us know at this precise moment what is going on. I doubt you would have found out on your own free will. It would be a pretty tedious project to try and keep up to date with all 50 states and countries world wide.

Of course the media speculates, there's hidden propaganda everywhere, but let's analyze the facts. A lawsuit WAS filed, by more than one person, Travolta's lawyer plans to fight it, and Travolta denies allegations. That's it. At the moment, I agree with you that everything else is speculation, opinions, and some are just slanderous. But to cover your eyes and ears and avoid potential clues towards the truth because of your jaded views is not the way to walk around in life.

Well I bid you adieu, I've had enough excitement for one day ;]
Maybe he paid for the extra, but got the concept wrong. You receive John...
+Amy No, don't be. I think the entire story is funny.
+Erik Miller although I apologized for the name mixup, yeah you're right and sad. Like leave the guy alone. You know what they say though. Misery loves company....moving on. Lol
ITS all about the money and scandalis fame slap them and get back to work you sue happy bitches
Ok guys heard it from the man +John Travolta himself. pauses to turn around and squeel like a little girl; contemplates being a groupy; gets over it; professional face on ok ppl nothing to see here, move it along.
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