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You gotta laugh just a little watching a 14-year-old radio talk show host blast homosexuality as a choice people make -- "no matter what Lady Gaga…
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He's 14 and talking out of his depth.  The only differences between him and the average YouTube commentator are a microphone, a camera, and a podcasting service.
He's obviously envious that he isn't one of the 30 who "chose" to be gay... Who likes being left behind, after all?  :P
Shaun T
Being gay is most definitely a choice that people make. Due to either rejection by the opposite sex, low self esteem issues, being a nerd or geek, or by just flat out being a fag with another dude and liking it! YOU WERE NOT BORN LIKE THIS! It's a disease that needs to be eradicated like the rest of the fucking weirdo's that's popped up around the world over the past decade. 
i agree. It is a choice you make. God made Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve. We have to remember that god also dislikes it when we harm other people, so do not target people just because of their sexual preference. Help them. promote religion, start by eliminating lady gaga... She is such a bad rolemodel who is solely interested in fame.
+Shaun T Hmm, you mean kind of how judaism was a "disease" and needed to be "eradicated" during the mid 20th century? What a stupid thing to say, do you think... at all? Neo-fascists rarely do. Also, homosexuality "popped up around the world over the past decade"? Really? Even though homosexuality is recorded to have been culturally accepted in ancient Greece? I am not sure if you are trolling, or just incredibly stupid...
+Kai Darrow Oh, I for one, as a Democrat, am slacking this month on my "gay conversion" quota. I have only threated the sanctity of marriage 12 times last month (/obvious sarcasm)!
please god just clean out those types of disease from the world?
Jon Dye

whatever you wanna believe, guys.

doesn't make it true.
Please stop the "Jesus is all about love and tolerance" excuse to allow homosexuality (or any sin for that matter). Christian love is helping people move away from sin, not blind acceptance.
he's like me; a young man fighting for his opinion; you have to respect that; besides, how many of you were that smart at 14?
+Paul McGary And the million dollar question is: What makes "Christian love" the only acceptable kind? What makes the "word" of the Christian god so far reaching?
+Robert Lee Having a wide following does not make something the truth. There was time when Jupiter and Mars had wide followings... funny how times change. 
true, but a lot of people have tried out Christianity, and have said that it is the only one that is the truth...what do you say to that?
+Robert Lee Good for them. I hope they were able to find peace, and at least a bit of personal truth. However, just because it is someone's personal truth, it is not necessarily a universal truth. I tried Christianity, I was a Christian for the majority of my life. It didn't work for me, I didn't feel any closer to the truth. 
he just hasn't been corrupted by his sexuality yet. just give the fella a couple of years, plus the internet, n he'll change his tune in a jiffy.. wink wink.
+rosie hecker von danzig I was simply drawing a parallel. When someone talks about "eradicating" a "disease" in such a way, I think that comparing it to the Nazi views on judaism (as well as many other things, including homosexuality) is perfectly acceptable.  
sorry dude, +Kiril Jakimovski  i was just using that lame liberal sucker-punch against an honest and valid comparison. thanks for proving my point how rude their ignorant controlling is! ;D
Umm.... I was talking about the kid..... Not you guys
It is sad that I expected people to completely ignore this kid and not agree with his super underdeveloped opinions......this is why ppl hurt or take their lives because they think they have a choice to change, creating unbearable inner turmoil that sometimes ends in tragedy.............think before you speak please
+WADE SMITH Theres a little button on the left side of your keyboard called "caps lock". I think you left it on...
You people are all a bunch of bigoted assholes and this kid is a total douche.
 1. I am a hetero female. I highly doubt that one day I will wake up and choose to like box. I don't think there's any way that I could convince myself that I dig chicks no matter how hard I tried. FYI, I am an athiest so religion doesn't play ANY role in my sexuality. You don't wake up one day and choose to like penis or vagina. In fact I find the thought of other peoples vaginas to be pretty gross. I have no desire to be up close and personal with any one's but my own
2. Given what a bunch of prejudiced neanderthals you all are, why on earth do you think ANYONE would choose to be the target of your hatred and ridicule? What guy would be sitting in the office and have the thought pop into his head that since he struck out with a couple of women he's going to suddenly really like penis, go gay AND be discriminated against by YOU. You know, just because. If you took a second to actually use your brain you might realize how stupid that is. 3. Homosexual behavior is in fact natural and occurs pretty frequently in other mammalian species. Humans are in fact mammals. Just so you know.
4. I notice that, AS USUAL, most of the idiocy is being spouted by MEN against GAYS. Notice that not much is said by these men about lesbians. I wonder how much  girl on girl porn all you hypocrites actually watch. Good for the Goose but not for the Gander I guess. For all of you idiots a Goose is female and a Gander is male.
Just my opinions since being an athiest and all I'm obviously not in the know. (That's sarcasm for all the dimwits). By the way, did any one else notice that the kid looks like a twink?
+Kiril Jakimovski Thanks! I'm not usually so vulgar, what with the box and all the penises and vaginas. I just hate ignorant people who think a holy book entitles them to be maniacal asses. Call a spade a spade. If you hate gays just say it and face facts that you are a bigot and no better than a klan member or a neo-nazi. Don't be a pussy and hide behind the bible. 
+Leah Arington I got into an argument the other day with a stranger who asked me how I could be satisfied by only one man (that man being my husband and the only man I've ever been with.) Then he asked me if I was satisfied with only one man if I've ever had girlfriends. I said no, don't swing that way but I don't judge and feel anyone (regardless of sexual orientation) should be able to marry whomever they want to. This is when the conversation turned ugly... and he went off about how if we were all gay the universe would disappear (don't recall telling him everyone should be gay... but ummm... ok) and that humans are the only species that exhibit homosexual behavior therefore it's abnormal (someone failed him in science class... try 1500 species that exhibit homosexual behavior... we're just the only species that JUDGES it.) So... my new pet peeve is people are turned on by the thought of two chicks in bed but feel the need to go all high and mighty when those same two women want to marry and have the same rights as we do. 

The problem is that we see them as GAYS. They are PEOPLE just the same as you and I are... they are capable of love... deep love... and they have feelings... Why do we have to label everything? Black, White, Gay, Straight, Christian, Jew.... who cares? We are ALL people...It's a shame how many bigoted assholes still exist. 

Someone AGAINST gay people... without whipping out your bible... tell me why you are so against gays and gay marriage? How does it affect YOU and YOUR life so deeply and personally that you feel it must be stopped? Are you afraid they are going to try to convert you? 
I thought I was developing feelings for a female, but I realized that it was only social influences, I then removed myself from such situations.This is our world...moving further and further away from religion. Just yesterdays spotting of Venus around the sun was a reminder of how great God is, but yet, people still have the guts to indirectly say "fuck religion" by not obeying its teachings. And yes, we cannot see if there is a life hereafter, but rather do what is right instead of doing what YOU KNOW is wrong...just incase there really is a hell.
Yeah but people don't have to believe in religion in order to do the "right" thing and live their lives in the "right" way.
How did we find out about what is right and what is wrong? If our parents never taught us, it came from psychology books right; Where did our parents, or the writers get the idea or wisdom in order to pass this knowledege on? From religious books. I'm not saying be very religious because we are not perfect, but if signs like these are mentioned in religious books that people are now rejecting, is it not something to think about?
Some 14 Year Old Teenager Is Going To Get His Ass Kicked. I'll Tell You That!
Good smart kid. He is right. At least I believe so. Maybe he should have had notes to help him out. But I think he got his point across
+Imaan Faker What was the nature of the feelings you thought you had for this woman? To put it bluntly, did you want to have sex with her? Did that get you all hot and bothered? I'm sorry for being rude but there is a reason for the questions. A gay/lesbian relationship is just like a hetero relationship. Just about the sex or full with emotion and desire (and sex). Having a close friend can cause you to have very intense feelings. Enough that you may question do I love her or do I LOVE her? If you were not sexually attracted to her you were in no danger of becoming a lesbian. Also to clear a misconception, you do not wake up some time during your college years and realize that you are gay/lesbian. If anyone cared to ask, most gays and lesbians will tell you they've known since they were children. It may appear that they've chosen to be gay/lesbian as an adult because they've chosen to hide who they are by having relationships in a heterosexual manner. Just imagine for a moment that you had to force yourself into a relationship with another woman in order to fit into society, keep your family etc. How would you feel every time your partner wanted to be intimate? This is how it is for gays/lesbians who hide their true selves out of fear. It's horrifying to me that any one would be made to feel that they have to go to that type of extreme out of fear of society. Also people need to stop using bisexuality as a poster child for the gay and lesbian community. Bisexuals are neither gay nor lesbian. Gays and lesbians are attracted emotionally and physically to the same sex exclusively. They don't flip flop between the two because they like both men and women. Lesbians are just as grossed out by the thought of having sex with a man as I am about having sex with a woman. That's why I find it so upsetting that anyone would feel the need to hide in a relationship that ultimately disgusts them just so they can have acceptance from society. 
looks like homophobic parents are doing their job with him..
Tune in next week when he comes out of the closet!
Shaun T
I can't stand fags! Guess its gay bashing time!
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