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Little Girls and their parents everywhere are ripping the Bieber Boy posters off their walls.
+Mark Temple , I hope so! It is time Bieber grew up a little and is unable to with the majority of the following he has now.
Oh that was so nice of him. And can they spoof him getting pulled over in his Ferrari for speeding or fighting with Demi. Give him two- three more years and he'll be an even bigger punk.
+ Kevin Harris funny...I have seen plenty of chicks that look like him
Lmao Justine Bieber Ice lmao
I could care less what he does but my 7 year old daughter does care he needs his ass whooped them little girls and their parents are the ones lining his pockets not the thugs he's trying to impress he's such a wanksta wannabe
Little Justin Bieber all growed up!!! I will tune in!
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