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Season 6 of "Jersey Shore" just dropped another major bomb, TMZ has learned ... Snooki will NOT be shacking up with her fellow castmates this summer --…
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Why don't they just stick a knife in the shows heart and kill it already. Without Snooki its just guna be a slow and painful death.
The Kardashians signed for another few years.
Damn, Tim... I won't say anything about Snooki again.
Not like she can drink and carry on like she's used to.
Time for her to be 'Mom'.
Imagine how boring she would be sober... If she can't drink because she's pregnant, she'll be no fun. Besides, they would have to be so careful with her.
Your ugly fucking face makes me laugh!....
You're funny... Lets be friends.
She has the same last name...
Her daughter looks just like mine...
She is my fine ass wife...
Guys, the point is that we are going to be how does that affect you?
We will see plenty of mindless chatter though...
I like that... You know that in Hebrew, Ken means 'yes'?...
No, I'm off work right now, taking the summer off... I work ten months a year...
I'll take a few days here and there...the rest of the time, the beach.
I work more than twice as much as the normal person
Do you try to make all of your questions condescending?
Hold on honey, I'm talking shit now
Do you think Harvey pays attention to this mindless BS?
Not good business to challenge me
I can't formulate a proper thought
Hard to ignore... I work on a TV show in Hollywood!
I'm in a Union...we get paid well yes, but we earn it! I work 70 hours a week busting my ass! I've had two hernia surgeries in six years...
I have to,I have three kids to take care of... Like I said, I work harder than anyone I know.
So, it must be nice to have a job like do this.
The Actors I work with are pretty arrogant... LL Cool J and Chris O'Donnell.
LL makes $250,000 an episode... That's every week and a half!
Obviously you aren't the "Smart" in 'Smart Business Concepts'...bye Christian
I wish I had Charlie's money!... late
Did you know that my industry generates over $125,000,000 a day just for L.A. County... I can't imagine what that is worldwide. Just my show costs $3 million an episode...
We'll do half a billion in a couple of days, if that.
Hell, I make six figures.
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