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For the first time in the history of the United States ... the sitting President has endorsed gay marriage.
For the first time in the history of the United States ... the sitting President has endorsed gay marriage. In an interview with ABC News, President…
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HE DID IT!!!!!! when I saw this post the first time, I didn't think he would endorse gay marriage. You rock Obama
He doesn't know one way or the other He is Evolving!!! LOL
i practice safe muthafukin sex
are you sure William Taft didn't offer an opinion?
That was a stand? No. That was a political move aimed at getting the Gay vote this November. Nothing more - nothing less.
Had to beat Romney before he voiced his support for gay marriage.
I believe that this country has a lot more to worry about, like getting more jobs and turning the economy around, rather than same sex marriages.
yeah, i mean if men love c-word as much as women, we's gots to shaaaarree da lahve!! :D
or in other words: when a political flip-flop is an ok thing! ;DD it's cool to flip flop, 'bam-bam. just don't ask mitty for a 'how 2' ;D
buti naman para masaya na ang lahat .. hindi naman siguro kayo lahat tanga para iboto sia dahil pumayag sia sa same sex marriage. nasa sainyo pa rin ang desisyon .. kesa naman kung ano ano ang sinasabi niyo sa unang negrong presidente niyo.. mga utak talangka
well wat ever fits ppl thats wat i think but realy is it in your heart to think that way think wat god wants for all of u
Ha Do
Finally, we're not just looking forward, we're moving forward!!!!
Oh shut up! We are not moving forward you morons! Obama is an idiot to say the least. Backwards is more like it.
He'll flip flop again when the numbers dictate he needs a bump at the polls or the other side of the argument offers more money.
Sad day in America when this jerk became President. I knew it then. Everyone wanted change. Well people this is your change. I say lets all take a stand and vote him out of office before he does anymore stupid shit. Gay Marriage..geesh. Really seriously.
Annmarie Martin you go girl! As for you Jen Party, If your MOM AND DAD went with the "times" you wouldn't be voicing stupid shit.Because , do you know why? Same sex couples can adopt but they cannot reproduce. Thank God. NO, I'm not a holy roller ,just an honest "normal" person who is attracted to the opposite sex.I realize they can't help it but don't condone it by legallizing it! Give thier partners equal rights,example insurance for significant other,but marriage no f.... way!
Hey Ruth tell me can 2 lesbian lovers create a child on their own. (HINT: NO they need a SPERM DONAR)
+Ruth Rader ,if you're going to be a grammar nazi, dear, use proper's" donor", not "doner".
Yes, but he lied in the past to get people to vote for him, hasn't he?
hasn't every politician ever in the history of the world?
maybe obama is scared his wife will kick him out. so this doubles his chance of dating.
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