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Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart are FURIOUS over reports Casper was "caught" in a "gay sex club" and an exotic massage parlor ... and now they're…
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You lost me at "The couple's high powered attorneys..." umm why would a backup dancer NEED anything high powered except a pirouette? 
The masses don't demand better.. so they go with what is popular.. not what is necessary... 
I'd like to chime in, WHO CARES ABOUT JENNIFER LOPEZ-I HONESTLY DON'T LIKE HER. And this is not a beg deal. Maybe Casper was looking for something better than JAY-LO, as people like to call her.
When will Bi people just be then Also, straight folks do dance at gay bars you know.
I don't care if he is gay or straight.. Jennifer has to deal with that... but wasting courtroom space over a man who wears greasy lip gloss and is riding the riches of a cougar is not the information we need this close to elections..
Just to say, I'm not gay-and I'm not trying to rhyme. But I have gay friends, and they know how to have a good time!! They are funny too, and they are just people too.
Come on, my fellow Google+ people. Show some respect. This is one of the major topics that TMZ is reporting on. They can discuss whatever they want. And the J.Lo & Casper story is one of the main topics of the day. If you don't like what they are reporting on, that's your lost. As a viewer, since the show started, I like the topics they discuss & I ALWAYS will be.
Education is important as well. We REALLY need to cover stories on our education system, because posts online often show how the system is failing by the words we using alone. 
True, but not all topics can be about education, you know.
where is the word ALL in my phrase? 
I rarely check TMZ. The part that caught my eye was the high powered lawyers that the COUPLE... like where he get the money for high powered lawyers? What is going on with all this imbalance in the world... smh. 
Well I'm just saying, if you don't like a topic or where it's coming from-Don't need to reply or for that matter even look at, but you did. So as for people commenting on what TMZ is posting, they are a Media Source and post what people obviously find interesting or what not. And unfortunately to a lot of people in the world, maybe yourself not included, they like tell the public about what the so-called famous people are doing. Just saying myself.
What is the point of having a grievance and not expressing it. Please do not think silence is an answer to an issue that needs to be addressed. I do not have to be enamored by a subject to comment on it. Please go catch a seat with that elementary answer. 
Wesley, I agree with you and was the meaning behind my last opinion I had made. Some people find that what the Media puts out, they want to comment on. Although it may be meaningless to some, I won't mention any names, but I actually like TMZ a lot.
haha ha ha h a simpletons.
UGG!!! Does anyone really care??
I guess that makes you a simpleton as well, Kim Barnes-your still on this post and commenting!!
I was once told that celebrities are America's royalty. Nothing wrong with covering the talented. But making news or commentary about people who are associated only by having sex with someone famous is getting out of hand. Get back to covering the talented, the news, the current events.. NOT what some young male is doing in his free time that is his damn business.
It doesn't make me a simpleton.. it makes me opinionated. which is welcomed on a social media site. I am in the right place. thanks.
Sorry if I'm wrong, but wasn't there a statement made by Kim Barnes here just a minute ago? Apologies to Kim if I'm wrong.
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