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Donna Summer -- the Queen of Disco -- died this morning after a battle with cancer ... TMZ has learned. We're told Summer was in Florida at the time of…
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An incredible loss!!! I will never again complain about singing "Bad Girls"
when i say omj it is the same thing as omg, it just sounds like omj when the evil twins off of brats say it xD
wang mourns the black woman. as someyou that is artists i respect prease.
donna what an artist
thanks and farewell playground mate
+Anthony Ferreri i disagree with your comment, i, like some other young ppl, really admired, her, dnt be so single minded, its not only you older ones tht treasured her
+Rayna Brito don't take it as an offense, it's just a big loss for those of us that were around during her heyday. keep your accusations to yourself.
wang has no age and still admires blackwoman
Wow. Really sad THE disco diva is dead. Loved her music then and still listen to it today
+Anthony Ferreri you shouldnt think it's just a big loss for your generation, ppl like me because of our parents grew up with her, you shouldnt say i was accusing you cause i wasnt, just be a little more considerate to others next time kay kay :) rme
+Rayna Brito please don't tell me what i should think. perhaps you should be more considerate in your comments, and look for another target for your attack today. I'm done.
aww that's sad. I don't really know a lot about people like her...:(
R.I.P Donna Summer! May you be at peace and your music rock on!
my prayers go out to the family...sad when some-one passes away.
+so stfu already +Rayna Brito. Jesus Christ, you take offense like you actually knew Donna Summer. get a grip.
I didn't know she was the queen of disco...LOL I'm too young to know that stuff
@Anthony, yes, us in our 40's will miss her very much...She was a great singer and a down to earth person. Never read/heard a bad thing about her...
no, shut the lights off and put the building on lock down for as long as it takes
good memories from childhood with her music - rest easy Her Majesty of Disco - you will be remembered fondly - always...
Another of the Boston greats. It wouldn't have been a high school dance without her songs. Thank you Donna!
Awwwww :( Rest In Peace Donna You Will Still Be In Our Hearts <3 :)
omg this is horible me n my mother looved herr :(
Steve K
So sad! I enjoyed her music.
RIP, Donna!
thats that person that was on xposé :) :( :O
God speed Donna & thank you for being a part of my sound track to my life.
She was a disco deva the only sure thing in life is death, she will be sadly missed no age 63 .
Did she do hot love from full minty, standing in dole que, very funny.
My sentiments in fervent prayers go out to all involved in the grieving for such a beautiful woman, performer, and believer! I am still blessed by her gift of music and more!
So sad....her music was so much a part of my teen years.
she had a good life remeber her for the music she shared.
So sad... her music was always happy... She will be missed....
♪♫ I can't bear to see the sun go down
Casting stormy shadows all around
Nothing seems to matter, I just get by from day to day
I never thought that you would leave this way ♪♫
i never heard of her but stil R.I.P
rest in pease donna summer youwere amazing (lissening to her now)
She will be forever missed. She was an amazing singer. Donna Summer has fallen into a peaceful slumber at last. R.I.P. Donna and hope that you lived life to it's fullest.
Disco is now officially dead!
RIP, Donna!
Love to love ya, baby!
poor her died of cancer i hope we come up 4 a cure of cancer soon :L
Ooooh shoot I was just watching her host the infomertial about the Midnight Live thing... Anyone know what I'm talking about? And that was just yesterday morning!!!
I know you are rocking with all the other hot singers up there. Go, Donna!
Oh no...........She definitely was hot stuff, Janet. Our disco queen :)
R.I.P =( I will be praying for her family.
a earth angel has risen to heaven she was beautiful physically, vocally and spiritually
I am so sad for Donna Summer that she died in the battle.:(
Do you know the Lord? He is the only one that can make you happy.
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