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A day after spending the evening at the White House Correspondents' Dinner, reality star Kim Kardashian was back in NYC today ... walking hand-in-hand…
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+Harvey Levin I don't know how anyone can be both highly successful in television and the most disrespected person in the entertainment industry. Last night she was called stupid, vapid, a threat to society and a her face. And yet she is arguably the most successful person ever in reality television......seemingly without talent or any spec of redeeming qualities or social values. Maybe a better way to describe her is the Most Valuable Vagina of all time...
We Love your Show on TMZ!

Back and big as ever - even bigger!
Please done ever let any one forget what the fame is all about. Hint: it has little to do with being a Jenner
wow. Hey, is Keeping Up with the Kardashian's still airing new episodes?
Whats going on with the world ,
first world hungry
whitney houston R.I.P death
now this.the world's going to a end
Wow wat a cheater she is!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She should have stayed with Kris.........
Looks like she's got on a diaper under that skirt. Where's the booty?! O_o
how funny is this, her butty is huuuuge!!!
i dont belev dad is soo confiust she ist soo saad mabi in problems
great match....they're both in love with themselves
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Stepping out and continuing to step down! Poor taste!
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