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P-I-M-P Movin On Up to the Big House in the Sky

Now he's Got the Whole Pie
Weeezy!!! Weeeezayyy! Loved this character!
The number of things that can potentially make you a cancer patient continue to grow.Yesterday I saw a report naming sugar as a toxin that causes that effect. Aren't we killing ourselves with all these processed food products ?
+Marion Garnett potentially anything and everything can kill you, and like you pointed out, anything and everything IS killing us. So I say, enjoy life while you can and eat and do whatever makes you happy! (Within the laws of course =P)
Wow lived him as a comedian sad to hear.
Jacob G
Movin on UP!!! haha, but for real!!!!
hard to believe he past away....and he lived in my town!!! i never knew that till i saw he past 
very sad he was a good actor and will be missed
I loved watching him..."Well I guess he is ....Moving on up..moving on up to the Top.... to a DELUXE appartment in the SKY....♪ ♫ ♩ ♬ ♭." (My best to his family) (;
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