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First, they hold back, next, reveal.. Armstrong did the same...
I've the show recorded and can't wait to watch it!!!
i am just wondering if lance armstrong was just an ordinary guy would he get this kind of attention?
Basically IMO they are Jealous of what Lance Accomplished. He was on Death's Door, and then went on to Become an Amazing Cycler. Maybe the Entire Human Race, should be looked at. Different people(many!) in the World use Medications to get through Life for different reasons, whatever they may be. And BTW, how many Cyclist's Have used what Lance used? And were not Disqualified. 
+Claire Galczyk How can you defend him? He lied, cheated, and accused others of being jealous of him. Do you think Barry Bonds is a hero, too? It is sickening that people like Lance knowingly CHEAT and then turn around and blame everyone else but themselves. That is a HUGE part of what is wrong with our society. 
Lance is a piece of shit for what he did after fighting and beating testicular cancer. 
+Claire Galczyk I guess you didn't get the memo, what Lance Armstrong "accomplished" is due to PED's. There are many great people who have accomplished many things without cheating. I can't think of anyone who would be jealous of someone who cheats. 
+Pete Belvin I'm also "Referring" to The Foundation-LIVESTRONG that helps SO Many people with Cancer, and I just happen to be a 2 Time Survivor SO whatever ! +Scott Jacobs BLAH BLAH whatever. I'm done here now! Live in your Hate World.
He cheated, lied, took sponsorship money based on those lies and sued for libel making millions based on those lies. From hero to zero.
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Lance Armstrong Will Regret Telling The Truth To This Judgmental Lying World.

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