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Dane Cook has issued an apology for cracking a joke about the "Dark Knight Rises" massacre ... saying he regrets telling the joke ... and admits it was a…
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Normally he doesn't even have to try to not be funny....
his career is a 'bad judgment call'
At least he stayed on a different topic than sex right?  Bad timing dude.  But at least you apologized just like Tosh did about the dead baby joke.
I've never found him too be funny at all. He's highly overrated
+Christopher Solesbee I really don't think Dane Cook was suffering from depression. I too have been around dead bodies and this isn't close too being funny
B dan
What a piece of shit
He is like that and always crosses over lines and is a comic and go after the dog killers tat do it for a sport and get over this!**********
Wouldn't it be funny if Dane Cook was killed in the shooting?!
How can you defend someone who talks more shit about women than anything?
haha she looks like a dude in drag
and dane cook blows dudes for fun
+Ken Closson You should invest in a thesaurus and a mirror. And it actually wouldn't be funny if Dane Cook was killed in the shooting much less the fact anyone else was killed. The joke was made in complete bad timing but he's not the first comic/celebrity to ever make a bad judgement call and without a doubt this isn't the worst or by far the last.
Dane you are a celeb, you should always practice what you are going to say in public before you speak!  I'm sure you meant no harm, but the whole world does not share the same humor that we do!  LOL!  It was funny, insensitive, but funny!
The joke was way to close to the event, faux pa dude.  See I do speak French.
Let me remind people of the Hugh Hefner roast where Gilbert Godfried was making jokes about 9/11 in New York.  It got soooooo bad, he had to resort to telling the "aristocrats" joke.....
Oh that is even worse...good reminder.  And when you are at a roast, people are usually reading from a script, unlike stand-up.
Melissa... I was copying Daniel Tosh's joke that gained attention a week and a half ago.
Also, me...ugly...are you kidding? Don't challenge me...
Dude Ken Closson why are you so confrontational, didn't eat your Wheaties this morning?
No, I think that might be the problem...
+Ken Closson LOL challenge you? We aren't power rangers or world of warcraft tough guy. You made the comment so I responded how was I to know you're biting someone else's material?
Melissa, come on... I'm being civil
If you want to argue for Dane, then fine... You are the only woman supporting him though.
You'd feel pretty stupid if you actually read his stuff
I am being civil as well. I highly doubt I'm the only woman supporting him. To say I am is a complete generalization and I have read his stuff. He's funny sometimes and other's he's not but no one much less a comedian and his material could make me "feel" stupid. It's that simple. I'm also not arguing for him or anyone else, this is a discussion board right? In any event we all have our opinions so to each his own.
You two are idiots!... He treats women like shit, very dirty and derogatory... Its obvious that you DON'T read or watch his stuff.
+Ken Closson You should grow up and expand your vocabulary so that you don't have to resort to name calling tough guy. There are many comedians who make fun of women, or races, or ethnicities. Why aren't you crying about them too? Comedians have "material" that they use to make others laugh it doesnt necessarily mean that's how they are in real life. If you cannot accept that your opinion is not fact then you should try something other than discussion boards or social media sites.
I just feel sorry for you, that's all. You lost the point.
+Ken Closson The point that he degrades women? Along with more than half the men on the planet? No I'm pretty sure I get that. Also, save your pity it's not needed anywhere around me. Thanks anyway.
Who cares what this d-bag says. He's washed up and this was his last stich attempt to get back into the limelight. Let him die, just let him fade away and die. 
Thanks to the internet and 4 decades of force fed media, people no longer feel empathy toward one and other. Most people also have not been in close contact with death, and do not fear it. They think that it is something that happens to other people, and don't understand the power that death--and even more so murder--has on the human psyche. 
+Eric White I still feel empathy, lots of it. Sometimes too much. So - "Thanks to the internet and 4 decades of force fed media, people no longer feel empathy toward one and other." - is a generalization.
Indeed it is. I too find myself debilitatingly empathetic at times. I have experienced more death in my time on earth than I'd ever wish upon anybody, but I'm far from the middle of the bell curve. 
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