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sure u r korrect .100 percent shame to u or her ?
who the hell is Stacey Dash and why would anyone care about her thoughts?
Speaking of bum....she's got a nice one!
Stacey Dash is mad because she got fired from Single Ladies on VH1 last year. She is a real sour-puss...
"This explains so much. what a dumb cluck-- no wonder her career is as dead as her brain."
She needs to worried about her career!!!
she's right, the hate is ridiculous
Thought process: how can I become relevant again, I know! I'll do what all these reality Stars so and release a statement thst will make me look like a retard. Everyone will talk about me again!
hmm Reality stars don't have the intelligence of knowing how to WRITE a rant. She WROTE a rant, a statement is someone else saying what you said in a sentence. And she made perfect sense, the fact that she can be called a retard for answering back at her bullying fellow Americans proves she was not only right but more intelligent then the bullies that can only sit around name calling and judging someone for using basic rights, no matter who she is. 
Peace be with you and love will follow, Stacey Dash!!!

An actress, that doesn't have a career. Heard she is a Diva to deal with
lol what Victoria Jackson said was dumb. lol 
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