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só falo portugues bai bai portugal.
Damn shame. Condolences to the Moore family.
i saw this live too i remember he tried to get up and he couldnt even move 
I'm not an X-Games hater by any means, but hey are going to have to re-evaluate this whole model of sport, not necessarily because of any inherent flaw in the competition as much as there is an inherent flaw in our interest in the sport.  We are looking, in X-Games, for the participants to push the limits, to show us something higher, faster, more dangerous than we've ever seen before.  To win the competitor's often have to show something new or brash, with an extra twist of danger. 

In other sports--tennis, swimming, even skiing--there are natural limits that are intrinsic to the activity--you can only hit so hard, you can only dive so fast, you can only turn so sharp--and it's not won or lost on a single move or turn.  

Further, introducing motorized vehicles to the mix is adding fuel to the fire.  With advances in speed and power around every corner, watching X-Games may soon be compared to watching Stephen King's Running Man, pandering to the baser of human interests.
I understand there is a cultural phenomenon associated with these games.  Perhaps the first step is to make sure reasonable limits are placed on the competitions; it could be that back flips are no longer permitted with motorized machines, if not they may need to examine body protection for such dangerous activities.
RIP. Very sad they know the risk when they play that hard at a very dangerous game.
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