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Seriously dude THE WORLD knew this outcome due2 her celeb status... She's broke,so how else is she dodging her day of reckoning?
Course who's shocked...this chick can run someone down & murder them & still avoid prison. Must be nice to be rich , female , & Caucasian...must be nice to be able constantly make a joke out of the American court system
Maybe her dad is paying under the table+LaLa Hummer; Broke how so,She was born wit a silver spoon. Her parent's should show her tough love.
girl is garbage and a disgrace...
she is always gonna dodge the bullet because no judge has the balls to convict her; just because she is a celeb
She'd be killed in prison .... I don't think she'd make it. Imagine that controversy. Who wants to be that judge?

She should be fined and do jail time for her portrayal of Liz! How many accents in one line can you do?lol.
Lindsay got away with being a dumbass. Oh my stars.
Show her some respect, she is a human being not a target for Americans' kicks...
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