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A picture of a naked woman scarfing down a meal and looking suspiciously like Kim Kardashian was posted on Twitter last night ... and word circulated…
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not back it will be more fascinating taking from front
ditto, +Andi Rose.  And this is coming from the Google+ Suggested Users List?
I am just crazy about her.......
Because no one has ever seen Kim Kardashian naked.....
Wtf?? Harvey u have some crazy fans on here!!
And if it were Kim. What is the problem?
We already know she's an azz.....oops, has an azz.
Hey Lori, isn'it that a tad too much. I think it is part of their game in the show biz to act the way she has done.
The things people do to stay relevant. 
I bet that booty must smell.
Judging by the size of her butt it could be Kim for sure:-)
gr8 posture.....lovely curves...although small boobs.
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