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It seems Rihanna has finally had enough of Chris Brown ... the singer has "unfollowed" her ex-boyfriend on Twitter after he released a new diss track that…
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Well them longing for each other produced some great songs
Why are we still talking about scum like Chris Brown?
-_- Seriously, Rihanna? THIS is why you unfollow him on Twitter?
You wanna know what's funny people hate Chris brown for hitting a woman ( which is not right, although none of us know actually what happened) more then they hater baby killers and women who cut guys penises off .... I think people need to step back and close their mouths on the issue ... I bet they also think those females that assaulted that McDONALDs worker was right also
Teen love dies out eventually, when reality check comes in.
Regardless what happened, or what she said or even if she hit him first no MAN should ever have to beat a woman. That is why in my opinion Chris Brown will always be garbage.
I have seen females kick a guy's ass ... I think no one should put hands on anyone else ... But I am not gunna stray there and let a woman beat on me ... That is not being a man that is being an idiot ... Always protect yourself .... With that said what would you do +Juan Benitez if a woman tells you she gave you Aids on purpose? Tell her everything will be alright?
+jack frost But how is beating the woman who gave you AIDS going to solve anything? At the end of the fight, you're still going to have it...
I think the overt hate of Chris brown stems from jealousy ... I think he was wrong .... But I am not gunna hater him forever .... I do not think he is worse then a baby killer or a cold molester ... I will save my hate for more important things
Yes some men think that way, wait till she kicks your balls then u might reconsider the options.
That's not the point +AnnMarie Chacko ... The point is sometimes we can not control emotion and the need to instantly gratify
As is God is my witness am not going to beat on her. What would that resolve? Is it going to cure the Aids virus?
I am in no way attempting to be an advocate for him .... My point is 1. There are more important things to be upset about and 2. No one knows what happened
Thank you +Starr Sanders .... I have to assume those other females here would rather their sons be abused men .... And don't say he will leave ... Love is all love
What happened was very clear. He beat the hell out if her. There were plenty of pictures that showed what he did to her. I'm sure you can still look them up on google. Nothing will ever justify a MAN having to beat a woman.
1. There were plenty of pictures that show what was the out come 2. The winner of the fight is not always who started it
I think the problem is most of you do not know the difference between a fight and abuse ...
People fight especially on relationships sucks bit it happens ... Hopefully it can end before a physical confrontation ...

Abuse is a sustained degree of trauma placed on a person place or thing definition it is drawn out over an extended period of time
In the end, Rihanna will choose what she wants to do. While I agree that NO ONE should hit, fight or abuse ANYONE for ANY reason, it's not up to us to make any decision when we, ourselves, have no part in their lives. I just hope my children don't view what transpired between these two (children themselves, might I add) as acceptable by any means.
Unless there was another such situation at most all that could have been was a fight
You people make it sound like Chris brown was the only person in existence to every hit a woman
The winner of the fight was Floyd Meyweather when he fought Coto that was a fight. What Rhianna got was a beat down. I guess we are just going to keep going around in circles on this matter and in the end result will be the same. He beat her and got away with it, and they are both making money.
Ok ... I have more then once he was wrong ... All I have said was we were not there ... I wonder how you all would feel if the world judged you on only half the facts ...
No he's not the only garbage to ever hit a woman but he is the subject on this posting.
Oh I apologize +Juan Benitez .... I had no idea you were there and seen how the whole thing started
I have seen plenty of women attack men then get hit once or twice and it look like someone beat them with a stick
I never said it was +Marissa Giddens .. are you reading thread .... Or just posting random thoughts?
Maybe were still friends for such a long time cause ... Imagine this ... They are the only two people on earth that know what really happened
To be honest I was surprised they got together in the first place with all the rumors surrounding her ... And before I get attacked by all the women that think it is ok for females to sleep with as many men as possible and in that same breathe speak about how they wanna meet a good man ... It is hers and any other females right to sleep with whom ever they choose that is of age and agrees
Not me ... Just bored at work and like to spar
Don't get me started on the role model part. Jack you're okay I might have to add you on my interesting people circle. I have two boys and since about age three they had a pretty good idea of wrong from right. One thing I tell them is don't ever do something you know is wrong that you later have to explain yourself.
Same here just waiting for my time to go home.
You don't even know her .... How do you know what she deserves ?
Marivel Reyes don't get jack started again...
+jack frost You seem to be talking like you know the difference between a fight and abuse. If that is the case, then you should obviously then be aware of the cycle of violence, and the escalation from emotional/verbal abuse to physical abuse. There were plenty of indicators from Rihanna herself, reported in the media, that the controlling tactics indicative of an abusive relationship had begun prior to this assault. I'm not sure why you're ignoring that, and asserting that this assault wasn't part of the pattern of abuse.
O.k. now she drops him? I guess getting punched in the face didn't do it for her, he had to "Dis" her?? What a Fool... Her fans should've dropped her a long time ago
I did say A sustained degree of trauma.... I never said physical ... If you are going to make a statement that says what someone else said is either incorrect or lacks information first be able to understand the initial statement .... Thank you come again
your comment doesn't even remotely address what i wrote so i won't continue to bother.
What you wrote was based on what I wrote ... By showing you did not understand or you purposely ignored the purpose of my comment I exposed how ignorant (i am not attacking your intelligence ... Look the word up before you assumed I called you stupid) you are to the information I shared ... Lol and I didn't put a name so you knowing it was meant for you shows I made my point
And anyway everyone in a relationship thinks the other is doing something that they do not like ... A person making a statement about someone else with no proof is not evidence
I was the one who had just addressed's not rocket science who you were referring to. :)
Feeling you are right and being right are different things
jude lu
they can shoot them self for all i care.
#agreed .... It just rubs me the wrong way when people don't know a situation and choose sides so strongly
Lol ... I do not think she was being literal ... At least I hope note
Having seen the write-up of the incident, the photos, noticing other instances of control that were being mentioned prior to this particular incident, his other angry outburts, etc., etc., I personally feel the odds are high that he is an abuser, and not just guilty of losing it one time. Primarily my opinion for this comes from working in the victim services field and the criminal justice system for a decade. He follows a pretty typical pattern of a batterer, as did Rihanna, as a victim, whereas stats show that victims may return up to 7-8 times before leaving the relationship for good. But, to each their own, as far as who wants to still support him and who doesn't.
Manufactured Drama, that's what this is.......
I'm done with it....
jude lu
@marco. no one is being ignorance and nothing personal, does guys should forget the past and just move on, and stop reading meaning to everything one or the other say..
+jack frost I was going to say that I don't get people wanting to find the reason for this being something other than what seems so obvious(at least to me), and then, specifically thinking about your assertions that people weren't there/don't know the whole story, but then I read your tagline....I can gather that you likely want to see the best in people.
But even to go a little deeper +Carie Bauer ..when a female does something to a guy all the excuses people find baffle me .. not because these excuses might not be accurate.... But because anytime man seems to have done something to a female everyone wants to crucify him ...
Both of them need to occupy their time more constructively. Go back to school,do like Shaquille O'Neal.
Why? Do you want to watch it +Hulon?
Rihanna used the Chris Brown incident as a publicity stunt
Sad but obviously true. I think it says more about her than him, either way they deserve each other... I have a taste for soft serve. I'm out, GN G+
Maybe next time Jeanne, Chocolate or Strawberry? GN
I really don't care...sorry
ha ha the bitch need a new umbrella ella ella ..............
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