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Somebody needs 2 knock that smile off that pricks face 
They should just sentence him to death. Why waste money on him for the rest of his life? Plus, there's no question regarding his guilt, so it's not like he needs decades to appeal shit. 
I'm w/ jessenia. Wasting my tax dollars on feeding people who doesn't deserve it when people who does are homeless & hungry. What a judicial system we have...
His pleading guilty DID save taxpayer dollars. Being on death row costs about 5 times more than the average inmate for about 10 years until they are put to death. And this guy won't live long in prison. I know we are not a civilized nation. We rank with China, Iran and Iraq for executions (we are fourth in that order). But consider that even Giffords doesn't want him executed. If she can show restraint, so can we.
Brendan good point. Some others develop tolerance for idiots. I'm still growing, n that area. If a person have no regards/remorse for others life neither should theirs... My opinion not christian like but God's not thru working on me!
+Brendan A. MacWade the ONLY reason why it lasts so long and is so expensive is because they have the appeals process. Maybe the guy is innocent? In his case, clearly not. I don't buy that "innocent by reason of insanity" bullshit. They still committed the crime, and they SHOULD pay. Just like he should. He doesn't deserve to be in jail for the rest of his life living better than a lot of innocent people out here who haven't done anything wrong. 
with any kuck the inmates will shank him with a broomstick like they did dommer
Good. He gets exactly what he deserves. 
thats a face a mother has 2 love................ lol XD
This guy looks insane!! He should be shot in non-vital parts & left to bleed out like he did them! Eye for an eye! I hope he rots!
That guy is fucking ugly as sin and creeperously sinister. Like Moby mixed with Dr. Evil from Austin Powers. You know who he looks like? He looks like Michael Coleman Odegard from Portland, Oregon.
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