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Is he that porn guy? Well if it is,must of been all that f#&king he did lol.hope he gets well. 
Um okay...... hope he can pull through this hard situation and sustain himself for a while:)
Well that "sucks"
Damn..laying the sausage do that to people

Someone call a night nurse! Make her Asian! 
That's Mr. Hedgehog! 
Get well soon. We need our idols ;-)
Sheeit, he didnt need any damn extends! Thank God they weren't around then! OH LAWD! lol
I do wish him well too. He can't help it that he's hung! hehe
Kay Flo
Wow. I will be praying for a quick recovery for him...
I wonder if it was caused by Viagra?He is getting a little old.
No matter the line of work.  That's a tough condition.  Tieuel Legacy! Motion
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