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well ... o.k. ... maybe she is pregnant ... maybe not ... maybe it was him ... maybe he wasn´t ... BUT WHO THE F..K CARES??? ... 

@Google: please give us a filter to save us from the Kardashian crap ...
+Ragle Gumm, if you really didn't care at all, you wouldn't have even made a comment asking, "Who cares?"  It seems to peeve you (as witnessed with the CAP letters and the F word) that there are people who care therefore it seems to me that you care what they think?
+Michael Comia sorry if I disappoint you, but I´m really not interested ... all I want is a filter so that I don´t even have to see this crap (same is true for Justin Bieber, Paris Hilton etc etc etc ...)
Perfect match Personality that is.
So much hate can't you all just be happy for them? If it works out great, if not then oh well
Wow! Get divorced already and try to make a family. Kids need stability.
she is such a waste of skin
I bet that ass is really going to look nasty after she has a kid.
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Wth is dude talkn bout?! 
Thank you +Lori Kinch I said that. She is not stabile. She don't even know WHO she wants to be with. SMDH. Watch, she's gonna be a single parent. They won't last. They havn't even gotten to know each other yet they're havn a baby!!? WoW! 
Nobody has ta be happy for them +Jose Lopez they can say what they please. That's just how we feel about it. I think ppl should stop worrying about what everybody else is saying pertaining to stars & just post your comment. What's the big deal!? Some of yawl act like you're related to these ppl I don't get it! Like @eagle gummy said, WTFK cares?? They ain't doing shit for you so why so concerned????? Every person in Hollywood is criticized Kim & Kanye aren't special. Please!!!!! You wanna be happy for them go ahead but tell ppl what they should do it's offensive. I'm only interjecting cause it's gettn on my Nerves like, DO YOU! LET US DO US!!!! Ya feel what I'm sayn? No offense to you either ijs... 
That's what I said Tracy W. Lmao! 
What talent does Kim have? Did I miss something? ...oh yeah! That's right she sleeps around I forgot...
Why cant they both move to another planet...
While I admire watching ladies in the adult entertainment industry immensely, Kim is not one of them.
Ppl aren't to fond of her. & what does she do? I mean I never heard of her until Ray Jay & oh that infamous video. I hear 4 ppl have sex videos with her including tired ass Nick Cannon :-) and there's many more guys she's slept with one after another doesn't this chick have any self respect?? Plus she's in the limelight. I don't understand her maybe she's lQQkn for someone to love her. Cause that ex husband didn't seem like he loved her wholeheartedly ya know? I believe there's issues with Kim. Women don't just hope from one bed to another for no reason. Usually there's something from their past. I hope she gets help better yet stays with Kanye. They deserve each other :-) 
It couldn't get any more UNinteresting... barf
I was wondering Harvey, other than keeping you employed, what the hell have the Kardashian's ever done for society? What is their function in this world and how do they make it better? Just curious. 
Yes... please!!!! Also take em off TV along with all the stupid reality shows with no damn meaning just gossip & bullshit!! We need more like TV ones I. Vanzant's reality show. 
Loree M
Wish everyone will most of you ppl is stop hating so much! Kim K is just beautiful I agree she's famous for nothing and having a super powerful daddy Robert Kardashian who was one big powerful prominent lawyer and worked in the Entertainment as a music ex.Kanye West made his mark in the biz also he lose his mom. I'm happy for both of them congrats to them both 
Loree M
Well they can laugh all the way to the bank!
Loree M
Kim k' s wealth assets is worth more then 50million that was 2 years ago she make half of milllion an episode and on that reality show her clothing line perfume and endorsements I'm sure she laugh and love all these hate comments.The family assets come over more then she's richer then her late father
I agree she's beautiful my good friend loves Kim! That's her perrogative but she don't tell me stop hating! I'm keepn it real & speaking the truth!! She a hoe! I ain't starting no rumor so how the hell am I hating? Please!! We (the ones who agree) don't care bout what you think we should do, you and all the others. Ppl can say what they want on here ain't nobody called your phone talkn bout Kim. You ppl that get so offended like they pay your bills or sum shit need ta stop! So she's a millionaire THAT $$ CAN'T FIX HER REPUTATION now can it? I'm just keepn it real, word!! 
Wow you all be going hard on here lol
+Will Muhammad I normally don't but when someone says something & they're referring to me I do! Any of us should be able to say what we want without someone responding like we talking about them... how do you get offended and we ain't talkn bout you? That's so stupid! I don't argue tho. I don't get down like that but I will check you! When you come @ ME! So how you doing? Lmao. 
Then she gets an abortion in 4 months, lol.
I feel sorry for any child born in to tha family if you know what I mean
Just what this world need's ...another trouble maker!
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