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Wow, what is the big secret!!! OMG
Everything else is on the INTERNET
Let the man have his fun. Damm, He is only a human being. Secret info should be investigated but I really don't think he would give out new intel for tail. I don't know the details so I can't comment to much on this.
אך אפשר לישון עם האדם שאתה חיי אית אחרי בגידה  גועללללל
He did nothing wrong!!  Who cares if he had an affair, Clinton did!  It is these two woman are the one's that should be looked at.  Petraeus is a great General.  His wife probably told him you either resign or we get a divorce.  
Any guy can be seduced by a whore. Sad to say. In the heat of the moment, no man will resist a hot piece of ass. That's why you see all of these insecure chicks losing their minds going crazy over this shit more than any guy is. He fucked up yep but, imagine all of the other politicians and public figures who have done much worse that we don't know.
General P deserves some action. He defended our freedoms and we want to take his reward away. Shame on thse ungrateful Americans who are complaining. I guarantee half of the planet is cheating go after those f**s. Clean that up that sh* before you go after Gen P who is protecting your ass. I believe marriage is something we should respect but he's gots his reasons. If we ok with gays getting married and all the sh*** that goes on in America. Let the soldier be a man DAMMMMM. This guy wakes up when nobody wants to wake up to protect us. So grab yourself a Viking cup and lets sing some war songs ok folks? 
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