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Get Ur facts straight. Before going on the air...Smh idiot.
I'm not sure where there's a big enough rock for her to crawl under for this one.
And was there a wine tasting before this interview?
reduce your risk by getting more educated on the subject.
that goes for all things
Kind of a drunken moron too.
Kathy Lee Y U NO GET FACTS FIRST? ლ(ಠ_ಠლ)
Hey you guys don't be too hard on Kathie Lee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have never liked her. :(
Do a little research next time, KLG. At least Martin Short kept up his composure and didn't further embarrass her on live TV...I know I would have been tempted to!
I would have just fixed it on the spot. It's ok to be wrong and had suffer a brain fart. It wouldn't change the fact he had a great marriage. 
Kathy how's Franks cock when he's fucking that flight attendant in the ass? Hmmm?
Have another glass of wine Kathy. It'll all go away by noon.
Erik, that is the rudest comment I have seen yet!   I don't care for her much, but you truly are classless!
Thank you Stacie! ! You should catch me on a good day.
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