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i think she just needs some understanding....shes pretty cool.....sometimes
Please.. just throw this "person" in jail and tell her she has no future.. She's used up all her Get Out of Jail Free cards.
Just like anyone else..her life will not change for he "better" unless she changes the way she "perceives" things, the way she THINKS.
Lilo is just an overdose away from freedom of taxes. 
Another slap on the wrist? She needs REAL help! Not a slap on the wrist, and a little jail time! 
Seriously, this isn't going to stop her from getting what she wants. She has enablers everywhere to help her with that!
Look at her parents, they are both real "winners". 
The IRS should be paying her...not the other way around
Totally, it did not have to be this way. 
Can't get any broker than that. Maybe she will get an award for the 'worst movie of the year' for her portrayal of Elizabeth Taylor, and get some money out of that. I hope a real actress can portray Elizabeth Taylor in a future movie.
I wonder if she will do pornography or prostitution?  You know, the really tasteful kind, done out of desperation. 
a lap dance is so much better when the stripper is crying
She's already done Playboy. What I've heard is she's never received her royalties for these jobs she's done, therefore no money to pay the IRS. Regardless, she's going to be a hopeless case if she doesn't wake the hell up and decide to change!!!!
How the hell did she get so screwed up. The only way she could clean up and straighten out is to vanish, go into hiding for awhile. Lindsay, I have a fully finished walkout basement you could use.
Read the story about the half sister that Lindsay found out she had.  My advise to that girl is to stay as far away from that train-wreck of a family as she can get.

Lindsay could really mess her up, or maybe, that is what Lindsay needs.
be kind to her, she doesn't need negativity, no-one does. She is someone's daughter. Have respect.
The whole family is are a hot mess, Linsay learned that from her wacky family, but she can't be allow to getaway with things just because she is a celebraty.
+Tony Rodriguez that's understandable, however, no-one needs to be putting out negativity...where is the compassion and understanding...this is why i have so much trouble relating to the american way of europe, these issues are dealt with in rehabilitation/counseling/understanding/caring/ goes around judging and ridiculing people in trouble....americans fan the flames of people in difficult times...have respect
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