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Boy what a week for Britney we have learned that she has split with Jason Trawick
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Whats up with the Brit Brat man
I glad johnathan. Life must be great for you. No worries about corruption violence or an inept govt. Here we are distracted by all that nonsense when the big news is Britney's breakup. What were we thinking?
Tia don't get me wrong. I'm a fun loving person who can talk pop culture. It's just that we've given her attention on her issues before. She's has those two boys to think about time to grow as a woman and keep it moving. 
I gave no resolution in my statment. My statement says we have invested so much attention on her and now there are more pressing issues now. She's leaving x factor and breaking up with her agent/manager. I just feel like who cares. I'm done laughing at this nonsense time to move on
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