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Chris Brown sustained a nasty gash on his chin -- apparently a wound from a bottle attack -- after his entourage allegedly clashed with Drake's crew in a…
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For the love of god y won't he stay out of trouble?
Somebody put together a side-by-side pic of Rihanna after he beat her and this picture.  Let's get it trending...  Also, where's Drake?  I'd like to high five him. +Drake 
Come on players stop fighting over these Muppet head broads
Why the violence period,Act like mature men for once,walk away your egos are too inflated!!!!!!!!
Im thinking he needs least four.
it looks painful, ohhh
Chris... What goes around comes around.  Drake... Your voice annoys me and your songs suck.
who gives a fuck if u get injured we all have in our life to, dont see us posting about it
he gets what he deserves , think about it .
Just llike he beat his GF....Wt goes around comes around!!
Ewww... He's got a flapper, (or something)! He should have picked his nose instead of a fight.  
Put your picture away and grow up. 
Good. This dude is a punk ass mutha fucka. He deserves it.
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