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yay Khloe! I love being a woman...
The show was horrible last night... the audience drowns out the performances, the explosions and dancers are a distraction, and the judges don't judge. That was your second chance X Factor.. I'm done with you.
I saw a few mins of the show then I got bored, too much going on, sorry x factor ur x the f**k out!!!
Oops, not to mention, Khloe sucked big time...
I turned it when Criminal Minds came on. Addicted to Criminal Minds! 
The Kardashians are horrible people, and should not be talked about like they are actually stars. They are nothing but garbage and a waste of oxygen and other valuable resources. 
Kathy G
thats a mess  i din't notice it... SHE IS THE FLYEST KARDASHIAN AND HAS A SWEET SPIRIT... omg... smh...  what the hey we all have em...  nipples  at least they are not dripples  ;)
It's ashame her face looks like the result of Chynna and Kelly Clarkson. She's one fucking ugly ass woman.
She's the reason I don't watch the x-factor she's too damn fake just like all the others...
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