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Shame Chevy Chase! Go out like a man....with the finger and unkind words just like Charlie Sheen.
the show went downhill after the first season
Chevy Chase is no longer funny. He's getting old. There's a lot of young good stars out there now. Chevy we hate to see you go but your no longer talented...
God willing, someday you will also get old, so shame on you for saying that about one of our national treasure.
Chevys only leaving this spot. He's not dead. Beverly don't get your panties in a bunch. I love Chevy also. I watch his old movies all the time. But if he's stepping don it's for a reason. It may be too much for him. Whatever his reasons are I hope that he gets the peace he deserves. He's a good man. He's just not funny anymore that's all.
Too bad he's leaving the only funny thing he's been in for a VERY long time... 
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