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The Green Lantern has been rebooted -- he's young again, and he's gay.DC Comics just announced which character is coming out of the closet, and it's Alan…
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I'm not gay.  I don't care who is.  I love the fact that this is happening, because it shows that yet another corner of the world has come to the realization that it doesn't matter which sex you love, as long as you love.  I like that it gets press, I just hope the press doesn't latch onto the "look at the gay superhero! angle" and reports it more as a step in the natural direction for pop culture.
How PC, just silly, why be creative and come up a new 'gay' character???
Wow! He looks liike Ron Reagan in a costum. lol.
fair enough i mean its not a bad thing, i just thought it was strange to announce it NOW after never...but i guess thats just how it goes
leave supper heros alone gay super heros are for SNL and adult swim. what the next super hero is bobby the butt plug
Funny. They said it was an "iconic character". I don't think most of the Justice Society has been iconic since the early 90s.
If DC really wanted to make a "difference" (not that I think rewriting character history to shove a special interest down our throats is really making a difference) then they would have made Superman or Batman gay.
Just sayin'
To Rob Almond> You don't have to change continuity or people's understanding of history to prove that you care. Change the world of today, create a new Icon (a real icon) for people to love. You don't really change anything by taking characters people are attached to and begin "changing them up" it just isn't that great of storytelling which should be the main focus of a comic book.
I do agree with press comment, vultures that they tend to be :)
Not clever joke. Way to stereotype!
What's the big deal about this? Just his life, like it or not.
funny, i always thought it'd be Aqua Man that would end up being the gay one. i bet Gary & Ace saw this coming a mile away.
Men in tights seems pretty gay to me (except Wolverine).
 @ paul c. u aint never lie !!!
I wish I had him to follow when I was a kid. I knew I was gay and did not give a crap about who did not like it.  The closet is a dark, place don't put any more kids there. Let them come out and be happy !!!!!
Other people have tried in vain to make me change. My Teacher had h^^^ trying to break me being left-handed almost suceeded.  I am still able to right with the left hand and the right, So they want me to be BI .? 
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