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I Guess "The Pope" Got competition on Elm Street.LOL... WTF
he's slandered elmo's good image for life! lol
Note their use of "boy" instead of "teen."  He was with a 15 year old who he met on a phone chat line?  The boy was looking for it.  This is so not a story.  15 year old boys go out looking for it.  The kid was probably trying to extort him.  Underage teens are always trying to use their power of being "illegal" to get stuff from adults.  I know I did that when I was that age.
Al Y
They need to get rid of this dude and then hire someone to do Elmo stat, so the character doesn't get tarnished. Sick fuck! I don't get why they test on animals when we have sick fucks like this out there. If this is just one kid we know of, imagine the many others this perve has touched and destroyed.
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