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"Glee" is bad for America ... so says Bristol Palin ... who just took a shot at the show during an anti-gay marriage blog entry aimed at Barack Obama.…
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so is having a baby without being married but it didn't stop her..Really Bristol U are slamming Obama girl U need to worry about yourself...
Why is she bashing Obama, her mother isn't running for president
And Sara Palin says her children are off limits, then tell them to STFU
Ha Do
Why is BP in the news anyway? What did she really do to be newsworthy? She's clearly not a very intelligent person in any way shape or form.....
Some dumb ass told her to say that (mommy) stupid is as stupid does
I saw that..I had respect for people when I was breastfeeding..I would go to a different room or away from that is a bit old..
Was that the Palin who got knocked up out of wedlock? Or do I have her confused for someone else? Speaking of the knocked-up Palin, where's her babydaddy now? They got married right? No?
this is reminding me of when a certain VP candidate took a swipe at MURPHY BROWN and the ratings just skyrocketed.
I'm pretty sure the whole sex before marriage thing is going against thousands of years of thinking as well...but I guess that's not quite the same thing where you're concerned, hmm? Hypocrisy is an evil known all too well, my dear.
LOL! You know what else is wrong? Having a baby with a duche bag like Levi Johnston...
why u mad? dont u have your own crap to be concerned about? i.e. baby daddy drama perhaps?
Who cares what some snot nosed girl has to say about this. Does she speak for a large group of people?
Bristol Palin is WRONG
Sarah Palin is WRONG
OMG! Is she the mini-me version of her mom?? Bristol, you need to get a life (and I mean a REAL one)
Hahahaha Glee is Evil! She probably blames the show on gettin her knocked up too, Gimme a Break!:) hahaha
i luv glee yah its gay but it helps express people
TMZ - is the incorrect grammar in the quote from her blog, or is it a typo on your part? (I'm pretty sure I know the answer)
I had to check a few posts about Bristol's remarks until I was satisfied that people had not posted a story from LOL!
not to throw her words back at her but quote "It doesn't matter what my mom's views are on it. It was my decision." to have her child even though it was a out of wedlock teenage pregnancy. So, how's she qualified to tell anyone how to run their life? According to other information, she and her hubby had planned long ago they would marry anyway, kid or not. Long ago... how long ago? She was a teenager. Really?! Wouldn't it be great if her kid turned out to be gay. How would she react then? Beat it? Throw it aside? Ignore it? Or change her mind and be loving and supportive? We'll see.
Obama is a pathetic gay himself...that is why he is for gay marriage. Marriage should be one man and one woman period. End of story .
Annmarie what part of Alaska do you live in...
..Bristol Palin needs hush! ...and go back to pimpin her baby on TV.
Hey Annmarie Martin, narrow minded people like you is one thing that's wrong with the county. Who cares what other people do. If a guy wants to marry a guy, or a girl wants to marry a girl. So what. They aren't hurting any one. They aren't in front of your house throwing it in your face. If you don't like the world for what it is, just stay in your egg shell and don't come out. You'll be much safer in there.
I absolutely agree with her. It's ok for everyone to have an opinion as long as they are a leftist lib. It's not ok to he gay and accepting it as normal is the beginning of the downfall of society. 
Your WRONG John... Nobody cares except you and Bristol
I applaud the President for finally taking a stand for what is right. Our nation was built on the principle that "ALL men are created EQUAL." As our nation has grown and evolved so too have those ideals, from equality to all men regardless of their color, creed, or nation of origin to women having equal status. Why should not good men and women who happen to have a different sexual orientation be denied the same equality?
@John Travolta what a nasty, bigoted, narrow minded opinion for someone in your profession to have. If your son was gay; would you still feel this way.
I'm very disappointed in him too. I guess tolerance comes with education. There is a saying. If you think education is expensive; try ignorance.
How is this heffer going to say that? She's trying to act all moral but had a teen pregnancy/child out of Bristol sit your axx down and raise your kid
+John Travolta you better worry about all them men you was trying to get a happy ending from at the massage parlor.
In his mind it must be a sure gain in votes. It's sad he had to change his mind now for that reason. The presidential pickens are really slim this year. Time for that "None of the above" write in campaign!
obama likes showing his true thoughts.
plucking wolves out a chopper is muy bueno though.them thar folfs is daft in the head that reside in Alaska.
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