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Bethenny Frankel means business...even in divorce. She wants Jason to pay for child support and a lot more!
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Bethenny, loved her argument with the real wife...on Tv..
She was/is making more than he was and she wants money? I guess Jason will be getting his own reality show in 3..2...1.
More money for botox; she's close to the clowney grin now! Waste of skin!
I used to have more respect for her. Sorry but we all have seen your true colors. She is lucky Jason married her. 
Sad, he was doomed from the start. I like her but with all her "crap" (issues), she can't be happy with anyone, she needs to clean that up for their little girls sake. Good luck Jason!
Theres never too much money I guess. Also maybe she said he wants a divorce oh I'll give him one!!!
Exactly I agree with the previous comment. What is the point of child support for some one with money & I'm sure he would take care of his responsibilities anyway. I believe this is just a way for her hang on longer.
its sad when theres a break up and family is torn appart not a good situation at all no matter whos at fault the whole family suffers. i like them as a family they was a bit crazy but sometimes being on a reality show on tv trying to make ratings can do that. Marriage is a reality with im it self and hard work

So sad how a chick like this ruins a good man. All she wanted was a baby from the get. Poor guy. She's lucky he put up with her voice alone. Eh.... maybe this is just a publicity stunt. Who knows?
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